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Simplicity & Style Studio

"Where did you get that?"

"Where do you shop?"

"Will you go shopping with me?"

These are questions that I hear from friends and strangers on the street on a regular basis.  A common problem I hear from other women is that they don't know how to shop, they don't know where to shop, or they simply don't like to shop.  If this sounds like you, then Simplicity & Style Studio is for you. 


At Simplicity & Style Studio, I believe in shopping with intention and celebrating your personal style.


This is my little corner where I will focus on showcasing pieces that I think will be perfect additions to any wardrobe.  One of my passions is helping people develop and refine their personal style.  That might mean taking a look at your closet and editing your wardrobe.  Or it might mean accompanying you on a shopping trip and helping you pick out pieces that complement your body and your style.  Or perhaps you want pieces selected for you and delivered to you.  Whichever service you need, I'm here to help take care of your style needs.  If you would like one-on-one assistance, email me at tam@blitzandglam.com for a consultation.  Be sure to follow along on Instagram (@BlitzAndGlam) to see my personal style portfolio. 



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Retail Therapy

Personal Shopping


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