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Category: The Game

5 Aug

BET’s The Game Series Finale

Well, this is it.  The last episode of BET's The Game and thus, the last recap post.  Thanks so much for reading after each episode (I hope you didn't notice that I missed a week this season - oops!).  You guys have been great and I've appreciated all of your comments and tweets and even telling me in person on random meetings, how much you love and appreciate these recaps!  That's what's kept me doing them over the seasons.  So, I hope you enjoy this last episode (YAY for Melanie and Derwin returning!!): Rick and Pookie realize that neither one of them was shot, but then Rick says he was shot.  They debate about taking him to the hospital, because of...
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29 Jul

BET’s The Game Episode 909

Here's the recap of BET's The Game Episode 909: Malik tells Keira that he thinks that they should go their separate ways and that she might be able to work things out with Blue.  She slaps him. Chardonnay and Roger are having brunch and she introduces him to Tee-Tee.  Malik tells Tee-Tee that this whole thing with Keira was a big distraction.  Malik says that he's going to get in the game tomorrow. Kelly asks Jason his opinion on which shoes to wear.  Jason is preparing for the game tomorrow.  Jason and Kelly find out that Herbie Lesser bought the Sabers. Tasha gets a call from Pookie asking if his daughter is ready to go to Richmond.  Tasha opens the door and Rick Fox...
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22 Jul

BET’s The Game Episode 908

Here's the recap of BET's The Game Episode 908: Keira and Malik are in bed together and Tasha comes in. Chardonnay and Roger are at the club and Chardonnay says it's her fault that his father fired him.  He says he's right where he needs to be.  He asks her if she would like to go to Aspen with him and his friends.  She says that she can't because November spa season is like accountants in April. Kelly is dressed as Little Red Riding Hood and Jason as the Big Bad Wolf.  Jason's head isn't into it and he says that job secuirty is on his mind.  Jason says that people don't like him very much and unless the owners are buttholes like...
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15 Jul

BET’s The Game Episode 907

Here's the recap of BET's The Game Episode 907: The police show up at Jason's house with Blue in handcuffs saying that they picked him up at a protest rally.  Jason asks him what's wrong with him.  Blue says he realized how much inequality there is in the world and tells Jason to get on the bus.  Jason tells him to get his head back in the game. Blue asks Jason if they are going to watch the game footage and Jason says no, because Blue's not focused.  He tells him how Malik beat up a guy in a wheelchair and other fights he got into.  Blue says don't compare him to Malik.  Jason tells Blue don't act like he and Malik weren't once...
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8 Jul

BET’s The Game Episode 906

Here's this week's recap of BET's The Game Episode 906: The Sabers owner says that he can't believe that they had to forfeit the game.  Jason says that's what happens when half the team walks.  The owner says to get them back. Tasha tells Blue that this is it - the morning news.  She preps him for the interview questions.  Tasha asks what he hopes is the result of this walk-out.  He says he hopes the owner steps down.  Blue says he is the captain of the team, but with something like this, he isn't the leader.  Tasha tells him that in times like this someone has to lead to effect change.   Malik and Keira finish making out and Malik turns on...
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1 Jul

BET’s The Game Episode 905

Here's the recap of BET's The Game Episode 905: Keira listens to Malik's message and asks her friend what she thinks it means.  Her friend tells her to call him back.  She says that people will have a million things to say if she gets together with Malik.  She calls him back and says that she got his messages and that they need to meet in person. Chardonnay is talking with the Sabers owner about expanding Spadonnay.  He says that he thought she would have information about Jason.  She says that she has moved on with her life.  He says that he really admires her.  He says that people just assume that he got his position because of his father and he wants...
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17 Jun

BET’s The Game Episode 903

Here's the recap of BET's The Game Episode 902: Tasha tells her Dad that she's going down to the spa.   Tee-Tee is at the restaurant giving the waitresses the new rules.  Malik leaves a message for Keira to call him back.  He tells Tee-Tee that she overheard something that wasn't meant for her ears, so he's merely trying to apologize.  Tee-Tee says that friendship is done.  Malik says Keira has been down for him since Day 1 and he can keep it 100 with her all the time.  Tee-Tee says he doesn't want to just be friends with her.  He says Malik needs to apologize to Blue and then let him and his fiance get back to their lives.  Malik says...
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10 Jun

BET’s The Game Episode 902

Here's the recap of BET's The Game Episode 902: Jason and Kelly are getting married again.  Jason says he will love her forever.  Kelly starts saying her vows, but then says she's sorry and that she can't do this.  She then says she's kidding and just wanted to see what that would feel like.  She says she loves him and their family and is so in.  They are pronounced husband and wife.  Just as they are about to kiss Jason's phone rings.  The owner wants to know when he'll be back to run the team because it's a disaster. Tasha arrives at Malik's with her father.  Malik tells Tasha to tell her client to calm down.  Tasha says to tell her everything...
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3 Jun

BET’s The Game Season 9 Premiere [Final Season]

The final season of BET's The Game is here!  Here's the recap of Episode 901: Malik and Keira are making out when Keira stops and says she's engaged and asks how he could let this happen.  Blue drives up to the hotel and the valet says that he can park his car next to Keira's.  Blue turns around and sees her car.  Malik and Keira walk to the elevator and get on and find Blue inside.  Blue punches Malik and they fight (as shown on the elevator tape). Eventually, people break them up.   Jason and Kelly just finished having sex on the football field.  Kelly says that she can't believe that this is really real and that he is the Interim...
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4 Mar

BET’s The Game – Episode 808 (Season 8 Finale)

Here's the recap of BET's The Game Episode 808 (Season 8 Finale): Tasha tells Blue that he has a big game tomorrow and it's showtime.  Tasha asks Jason if he's excited about the big game tomorrow.  Tasha tells him that Chardonnay is gone and went back to Fresno.  She tells him that once again he's run away her best friend.   Jason goes over plays with Blue and asks him how he's feeling.  Blue says not too good and he thinks Malik is trying to smash his girl.  He says he has a gut feeling.  Jason says Malik is an honest, upstanding dude.  Blue says he slept with the owners wife and Tee-Tee's girl.   Kelly and Britt arrive in the game suite...
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