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Category: Blogging

2 Sep

Let’s Collaborate

A few months ago I signed up to participate in a pretty cool blogging project.  Three blogging communities decided to join forces and pair bloggers from the different communities together to coLABorate on a blog post or a series of blog posts.  I bet you're thinking, "Did her caps lock key just randomly stick for 3 letters? And does she know how to spell collaborate??"  Nope!  I capitalized those letters for a reason.  The three communities working together on this project are the Latina Bloggers, Alt Summit, and Blogalicious communities!  And the name of the project is, you guessed it, coLAB.  So, I was paired up with Rebekah of RebekahAnne.com.  We thought it would be fun to introduce ourselves to...
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17 Apr

A Day In My Life

    Saturday   7:47 a.m.  Check in on the blog to make sure it hasn't crashed overnight.  Kidding.  Not really.  I just like to take a peek in the morning to see what my readers see when they come to the blog.  I want to make sure that everything looks visually appealing and that nothing kooky happened while I was sleeping. (Note to self: Talk to my blog designer about a re-design for the 5th Anniversary.  After 5 years, it's beyond time for something new!)   7:49 a.m.  I'm so not ready to get out of bed yet.  As a matter of fact, why am I even awake right now?  It's Saturday morning and I don't have any appointments or meetings today so I can...
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19 Mar

Ladies’ Night By Mary Kay Andrews

Imagine that you're a full-time blogger on the rise.  Imagine that your husband has quit his job to work for your blog and brand handling the business aspect of the blog leaving you to focus on the content for the blog.  Now, imagine that the two of you separate and the next time you log in to your blog dashboard you find that your user name and password no longer work.  You call tech support and they inform you that the domain owner, your husband, has removed that user name from having access to the dashboard.  What do you do?   This is the setup in Ladies' Night by Mary Kay Andrews.  I've loved all of her books that I've read or listened...
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20 Feb

Continuing Blogger Education – Loop Giveaways, Affiliate Links, And More

This is a series that I started last year and want to pick back up this year.  I love staying up-to-date on what's happening in the blogging industry and want to be able to share it with you.  As with so many other industries, if you're serious and passionate about your craft or your profession, you are always learning.  Let's get into it!   ⇒Do you sprinkle affiliate links into your pinning experience?  Well, not anymore.  Pinterest Kills Off Affiliate Links Program, Leaving 'Power Pinners' in the Lurch.   ⇒Do you have a strategy when using social media?  Are you intentional with what you post?  Learn How To Rock Social Media Like A Supermodel.   ⇒If you follow a lot of style bloggers like I do, then...
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14 May

Keynote Speaker – Art Institute of Charlotte Keep Calm & Blog On Conference

I had the honor of being the keynote speaker at the Art Institute of Charlotte's Keep Calm & Blog On Conference Monday evening.  It was an absolute honor to be there speaking to the conference attendees.  As I told them, I was thrilled when I was asked to be the keynote speaker, because it means that someone thinks that I have done enough things right in my blogging career to go there and impart knowledge on them.  I also shared with the conference attendees that at the beginning of the year I wrote a blog post about my goals for 2014 and one of those goals was to speak at a blogging conference.  Wow!  Let me say (type) that again.  Wow!  Well,...
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15 Apr

Bloggers Feast – Tupelo Honey Cafe in Charlotte

My blogger friend, Connie, invited me and a few other fellow blogger friends to have dinner at Tupelo Honey Cafe last Friday evening.  It was a chance for us to get together, chat about life and the happenings with our blogs, and of course, to eat some good food.  Connie had previously eaten there and had raved about Tupelo Honey Cafe so much so that Tupelo Honey Cafe invited us to come back to have dinner on them for the purpose of reviewing the restaurant.     We arrived and Connie gave each of us gifts - a mug with our first initial and a fun clutch for a night on the town (thanks again, Connie!).  Then we were greeted by our awesome...
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18 Feb

Continuing Blogger Education – Brand Ambassadorship, Blogger Competition, And More

Thank you for continuing to share the Continuing Blogger Education posts!  Don't forget that you can ask questions, make suggestions, or provide links to other information and opportunities in the comments below or tweet me @BlitzAndGlam (#CBE).     ⇒momAgenda® and the Council of Media Moms are currently seeking established, influential, and engaging bloggers in various niches who will help build their brand awareness.  Not a Mom?  You're still invited to apply.  Bloggers will be paid $50 per post, $40 per Twitter party and other social media promotions, and receive a complimentary momAgenda® product, along with other benefits.  Apply here.     ⇒Did you make money from your blog in 2013?  If the answer is yes, here's information you need to know for claiming your...
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10 Feb

10 More Don’ts of Instagram

Finally, the long-awaited and much asked for follow-up to the 21 Do's And Don'ts of Instagram is here!  Please remember that these are my tips and pet peeves.  You don't have to agree (although I suspect that you will agree with at least a few).  If you see yourself in this list, well, just know that I will try not to judge you. *wink*   Don't like your own photos.  You posted it.  We know you like it. Don't post a screenshot showing all of your photos that someone liked.  No one really cares.  If you want to thank them for liking your photos, go and like or comment on one or two of their photos (if they have a private account then just...
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30 Jan

Continuing Blogger Education – Blogger Awards, Blogalicious, And More!

There's been a great response to #CBE so far, so thank you!   ⇒Enter for your chance to be the Allure Magazine 2014 Beauty Blogger of the Year.  You could win: a trip to NYC to go backstage at a fashion show, an invitation to the Allure Best of Beauty party, plus more.  Last year's winner is now a regular contributor to Allure and allure.com.  You must enter by February 25, 2014.     ⇒Better Homes and Gardens is hosting their first annual Blogger Awards and nominations are open until February 7, 2014.  If you blog about food, decorating, DIY, entertaining, fashion/beauty, or gardening, get your nomination in today.     ⇒Blogalicious 2014 will be held at the Westin River Walk in San Antonio, Texas from November 6-8.  The theme...
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