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9 May

My Caribbean Vacation

Maho Beach St. Maarten

St. Kitts

St. Kitts Monkey St. Kitts Monkey St. Kitts MonkeyZiplining in St. KittsZiplining in St. KittsZiplining in St. KittsZiplining in St. KittsZiplining in St. KittsZiplining in St. KittsSt. KittsSt. ThomasSt. Maarten

A couple of weeks ago I returned from my vacation with my Dad and my sister, Zuri.  We spent 6 days cruising the Caribbean from Jacksonville, Florida to St. Thomas, St. Kitts, St. Maarten, and Puerto Rico (we flew back from San Juan).  This was my second cruise this year/ever.  I'll be honest.  I wasn't sure how this was going to go.  6 days at sea.  With family (waves to my family who might be reading this.  Love ya!).  But it turned out great!  My sister and I specifically decided on a cruise, because we knew that everyone would be able to do their own thing while we were on the ship and we wouldn't all have to be under each other the whole trip.  Best decision ever. 


We chose this Carnival Fascination cruise (which happened to be its final voyage from Jacksonville as its home-base is now San Juan) because it was going to some amazing places, the length of the cruise was perfect, and my Dad's birthday also happened to fall during the cruise.  So, we all flew to Jacksonville and boarded the cruise ship and set sail (a little behind schedule) for St. Thomas.  We were at sea from Monday late afternoon/early evening until Thursday morning.  During those days, we ate, slept, met people, hung out on the deck, ate some more, slept some more.  Oh, and I was seasick the first morning.  I could barely get out of bed without feeling like I was going to vomit and pass out at the same time.  I made a visit to the ship medical center and they gave me medicine to take every 12 hours.  Worked like a charm.  I was back in business.  One of my favorite cruise ship activities was the shows!  The first show that we saw was the Divas show, where a super talented cast performed songs and routines from Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Whitney Houston, etc.  The second show was a Motown show.  So good!  If you ever take a cruise and they are doing shows, get there early to get a good seat.


At each port, my sister and I had excursions booked while my Dad did bus tours of the islands.  In St. Thomas we went kayaking, hiking, and snorkeling.  In St. Kitts we went zip lining (the crew there is so much fun!  I highly recommend Sky Safari Tours!), played with some cute monkeys, had some delicious jerk chicken wraps, and did a little shopping.  In St. Maarten we did a bike tour that we thought was going to be a nice, casual ride around town.  Umm, no.  This was riding through part of town, but then up a couple of steep hills, getting off, hiking up another hill, and then riding back to where we started.  Mind you, I ride my bike in spring, summer, and fall and I go to SoulCycle.  But this was our third straight day of excursions and was nearing the end of the cruise.  We were not mentally nor physically prepared…BUT we survived.  After that my sister and I headed to Maho Beach which is famous for the airplanes that come in super close to the beach as they are landing at the airport across the narrow street.  In San Juan, we chilled, had lunch with our Dad, took the free trolley around old San Juan and walked around and did a little shopping before heading to the airport to return home. 


We met some great people and made some new friends.  We/I got a lot of sleep in between the fun.  We ate some delicious food.  We danced.  We partied.  We had a good time and enjoyed the moment.  Head over to my Instagram to see lots of other pictures from this vacation.  Now, where to next?

Tamara Marbury
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