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7 Mar

Nassau, Bahamas

Nassau Bahamas ootd

Nassau Bahamas Junkanoo Beach (a)

Caribbean Cruise

Caribbean Cruise


I'm back from my cruise to the Bahamas (well, I've been back for a week now)!  If you read my last post, then you know that this was my first cruise and it was pretty much everything that I expected.  If you're looking for a vacation that's great for chilling and relaxation, book a cruise.  Our cruise left Port Canaveral (Orlando) Thursday afternoon.  We boarded the ship around 1 pm and went straight to grab lunch.  The ship set sail at 4 pm and by that time we had checked into our rooms and decided that we all needed naps before dinner.  We changed and headed back out to the dining room at our assigned dinner times.  After dinner we caught the welcome abroad musical show and then went to the night club. 


On Friday we were at port in Nassau and took a private guided tour around the island.  We had a late lunch at The Fish Fry before heading back to the ship that evening.  That night was the captain's dinner, so we got dressed up and went to dinner.  We changed back into our casual clothes and went to the comedy club to see Thea Vidale (you might remember her from her sitcom Thea back in the early 90s).  She was funny.  The comedian after her was not. 


Saturday was a day at sea so it was very low-key.  We had brunch, went to the Beyonce Single Ladies dance class (I wish someone had recorded video), hung out in the sun on the upper deck, hung out in a lounge and listened to live Latin music, took naps, went to dinner, and went back to the comedy club to see Thea Vidale again. 


Sunday we were back at Port Canaveral in the morning and we all headed home.  If I could give anyone else some tips for leaving on a cruise out of Port Canaveral, I would say don't book the official Carnival cruise shuttle.  There are less expensive shuttle services.  We booked Cortrans.  The driver was friendly, on-time, and got us to and fro safely.  Not only that, but one of my friends left her cell phone on the shuttle after he dropped us off at the ship Thursday and he turned around and brought it back to her.  Also, we had booked the 10:30 shuttle out on Sunday, but we were able to catch the 8:30 shuttle out instead because they had room.  So, they are accomodating.  Another tip is to pack 2 outfits per day, but don't overpack (think mixing and matching) because honestly, some days you'll only wear one outfit. 


Getting away always makes me want to start planning the next trip or vacation.  Do you have a vacation or getaway planned?


(Outfit Photo Credit: Tiffany Lee; Photos 2-4: Me)

Tamara Marbury
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