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14 Mar

EXPLORE: Smithsonian Gardens

Smithsonian Gardens 3

Smithsonian Gardens 4

Emma in DC

If you live in the DC area or plan to make a trip up soon, you must add the Smithsonian Gardens to you list of places to visit.  I love to explore DC on the weekends and now that it's warming up a bit, I will definitely be out and about more with my camera.  This past Saturday, my friend Emma invited me to join her at the Hirshhorn Museum for a guided tour of the modern art exhibit.  Our tour guide was great and I enjoyed the tour, but let me tell you something.  If you have dreams of being an artist, don't let anyone tell you that you can't be an artist.  If someone can put a video camera on top of the building and have a TV playing inside showing what the camera is capturing and call it art, then you, too, can be an artist.  Not only that, but the SMITHSONIAN has this art on display.  And it was featured in our tour!  (Side note: Emma told me of this one piece of art that she saw once called Blank Canvas and it was just that.  A blank canvas.) 


After the tour (sorry, but I forgot to take my camera out during the tour to take photos), we went out to the Smithsonian Gardens.  This is such a lovely (and possibly overlooked) part of the Smithsonian.  I knew that the Gardens existed, but even I had never walked through them before.  I was drawn in by the beautiful saucer magnolia trees that are in bloom.  I could have sat in the gardens all afternoon and just people watched and snapped photos.  Since we were both hungry, we only stayed for a bit so we could snap a few photos (plus we started to feel a few drops of rain).


After we grabbed lunch at Matchbox in Chinatown, I headed to the Carnegie Library at Mount Vernon to check out the Exposed DC Photography Exhibit that showcased local photographers' work.  #photographygoals  This exhibit will only be there through the end of the month and it's worth checking out.


Do you like to play tourist in your city?  Are you planning to visit DC anytime soon and want to know what you should see?

Tamara Marbury
1 Comment
  • K. Elizabeth (YUMMommy)

    I don't play tourist in my city nearly as much as I should.  It's something I'm working on because as you know, Charlotte has so many beautiful places and lots of hidden gems!  Also a trip to the Smithsonian is on my travel bucket list because it's been too long since my last trip there. 

    April 2, 2016 at 5:07 pm