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25 Feb

2016 Travel Plans

Bahamas Packing 2

**This post contains affiliate links.  Click on Disclosure above for the full disclosure.**


Bikini halter top: c/o Athleta

Cole Haan sunglasses: c/o Marshalls


Today I'm off on my first getaway for the year and I am so excited!  I'm flying to Orlando this morning and meeting up with my Alpha Kappa Alpha line sisters/sands/sorors to catch a cruise to Nassau, Bahamas to celebrate our 17th Anniversary!  This is my very first time taking a cruise, because I never thought that I would enjoy one.  I've always thought, "Why not just fly directly to where I want to go rather than spend days on a ship?"  (Plus, I get motion sickness sometimes, so I wasn't sure how that would play out.  I ordered some Queasy Drops to take with me just in case.)  But for some reason, this year, I thought, "I want to take a cruise."  And then, out of the blue, we started planning a cruise.  And then came the news about the Zika virus.  Insert Kendrick Lamar's B*tch, Don't Kill My Vibe.  So, one of my coworkers suggested a repellent that she always uses when she goes camping and hiking that she says works great called Repel (if I get Zika, I'm blaming her.  Kidding.). 


I don't know about you, but once I book or schedule a trip, I immediately start planning outfits in my journal.  I break it down by each day and then on the side I have a list of everything else that I need to pack, such as toiletries, medicine, snacks, camera, magazines, etc.  This helps me to ensure that it's not a mad rush the night before to pack and that I won't forget the important stuff…hopefully. 


Have you taken a cruise?  What's been your experience?  Any tips for a first-time cruise-goer?  Be sure to follow my experience on Instagram (BlitzAndGlam)!



Tamara Marbury
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