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24 Aug

Summer Isn’t Over Yet

Banana Republic, Zara, Marshalls

Banana Republic, Zara, Marshalls

Banana Republic, Zara, Marshalls

Banana Republic, Zara, Marshalls

Top: Zara

Pants: Banana Republic Factory Store

Handbag: c/o Marshalls

Heels: Sak OFF 5TH

Necklace: The Limited

Earrings: The Limited

Ring: Old Navy

Location: Uptown Charlotte

Photos: Lindsay Wynne Photography


This is one of the last looks that I shot in Charlotte before moving to Washington, D.C.  We shot this in Uptown Charlotte, where I first lived (and worked the whole time) when I moved to Charlotte.  It was amazing to see how much Uptown has grown and changed in the 5 and a half years that I was there.  I'll actually be heading back to Charlotte Labor Day weekend to wrap up all unfinished business there like turning in my cable box, moving the final things out of my apartment there, and having a good meal at some of my favorite Charlotte restaurants.  Because, of course, eating is most important.  


I bet you're wondering, how's everything going since moving to D.C.?  Everything's going great!  I've been staying with my sister in Maryland while I looked for and found my own place.  I can check that off the list and I'll be moving into my apartment in D.C. in a week!  Work is great as well.  I've become fast friends with two of my co-workers.  It's like we've all been friends for years.  It's also been great to hang out with some of my old D.C. friends (Congrats to one who just had her baby last week!).  And welcome to an old Charlotte friend who just moved to D.C. this past weekend to start a new job.  Here's some other randomness:

  • What's up with all the bloggers who are rushing the end of summer and showing me ankle boots and sweaters?  Chill.  For real.  Summer is not over.  It's 80 something degrees outside.  I'm not checking for any fall style inspiration yet.  I'm too busy snatching up great summer pieces that are on sale as the stores make room for their fall collections.  
  • Speaking of shopping, since I'll not only be working in D.C., but actually be living in D.C. very soon, I have/will become a walker.  I do a lot of walking everyday and once I move, I know that will increase exponentially.  I find myself keeping an eye out these days for shoes that are cute + comfortable.  
  • My American Diabetes Association Tour de Cure bike ride training has kicked into high gear.  And by high gear, I mean that I've been getting at least one long ride in a week.  I expect that once I move, I'll be riding a lot more as walking, biking, and taking the train will be the modes of transportation that I use most often.
  • Summer colds.  Blah.  I had one this past week and it sucked.  
  • Moving always means hunting for more than a new place to live.  It means looking for a new hair stylist, esthetician, church, doctor, dentist, blog photographer, favorite Target…so far, I've found a hair stylist that I like (quite pricey, but she's good) and I've gotten a couple of recommendations for photographers (also quite pricey, so I might need to learn how to shoot myself using my camera and tripod #kiddingnotkidding).  If you're in the D.C. area send me any recommendations for any of the above that you have.  Thanks!
  • I want to start doing indoor cycling classes.  Why are they so expensive?  #willblogforfreerides
  • One of my new coworker friends introduced me to two of my new favorite apps: Trivia Crack (and yes, I'm addicted) and Genius Scan.  Genius Scan allows you to take a photo of a document or whatever with your phone and it turns it into a PDF that you can email.  Why am I just learning about this app??  I'm always looking for something to scan now. 
  • There are so many things that I want to do: continue to learn and improve my photography and editing skills, cycle more often (including the cycling classes I mentioned above and did I mention that part of me would like to become an instructor?), launch my business (it's coming!), learn blog and website design (why not?), and so much more.

That's about it for now.  Be sure to follow along on Instagram (BlitzAndGlam) to see what I'm up to.  I'm really being more intentional about Instagramming and trying to do it more often.  So, what's new with you?  {Technical Difficulties:  If the comments section isn't viewable, go back to HOME and click on "Leave a Comment" under the post title.  I'm working on figuring out which plug-in update is screwing with my comments section.  Thanks!}

Tamara Marbury
1 Comment
  • Val

    Welcome to DC! And no Summer is NOT over….I am getting all of the wears out of my cute outfits while I can. Besudes, it's not even Labor Day yet.

    P.S. – I am a DC area photographer if you are still looking for one :).

    August 24, 2015 at 3:56 pm