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5 Aug

BET’s The Game Series Finale

Well, this is it.  The last episode of BET's The Game and thus, the last recap post.  Thanks so much for reading after each episode (I hope you didn't notice that I missed a week this season – oops!).  You guys have been great and I've appreciated all of your comments and tweets and even telling me in person on random meetings, how much you love and appreciate these recaps!  That's what's kept me doing them over the seasons.  So, I hope you enjoy this last episode (YAY for Melanie and Derwin returning!!):

  • Rick and Pookie realize that neither one of them was shot, but then Rick says he was shot.  They debate about taking him to the hospital, because of Pookie's record.  Chardonnay arrives and see what happened and they all leave for the hospital.  On the way to the hospital Rick tells Chardonnay to stop the car and tells Tasha and Pookie to get out.  He say that he's going to say that he accidentally shot himself.
  • Tasha apologizes to Pookie for trying to run off with Kai and for being a horrible person.  He says that he's willing to try being a family for her, for Kai, and for himself if she'll have him.  She says she'll always have him.
  • Melanie and Derwin get out of the car and Melanie is pregnant with twins.  Melanie expresses her concern about having a healthy pregnancy.  Derwin says that since they are so close to San Diego, they should stop in and say hi to everyone.  Melanie says that when she returns to San Diego she wants to be able to announce a healthy pregnancy.  He says that it is a healthy pregnancy and cues a marching band.
  • Keira thanks Blue for standing by her.
  • Derwin and Melanie run into "Eggs" at the doctor's office.  She's now a professional surrogate.
  • The doctor says that they have a 50/50 chance that the smaller baby will make it.  Derwin tells Mel that she's not in trouble with God.  Derwin asks her why she stayed with him and he stayed with her all these years is because of love and faith and he tells her that he needs her to have faith for the two babies she's carrying.  He says there's nothing they can't handle.  She says they said she couldn't be a doctor and he couldn't be a professional ball player, but they made it.  She says that maybe they should go and tell everyone that they are having twins. 
  • Melanie and Derwin arrive at the stadium and she asks what they mean that Tasha isn't there, because she never misses a game.  Melanie says she came there to share her news and she needs to share her news to continue to believe.  Derwin asks if Gary can drive them around in the back of the golf cart, because Melanie's feet hurt. 
  • Melanie and Derwin are still riding around.  Melanie says that their life isn't there anymore, but it's right there in her stomach.  She says their friends are busy getting on with their lives.  They say, "Let's go home."  Tasha pulls up and hugs them.  She asks what they are doing there.  Melanie says guess what and Tasha asks if they are getting a divorce.  Tasha says she thought their relationship was in trouble and she was just eating a lot.  Melanie asks if she looks fat.  Kelly walks up and hugs Melanie.  She tells them they are having twins.  Kelly says look at her trying to beat Janae with twins.  They say Sunbeams for life and that they shine their light on her so that she may deliver the babies safely.  Melanie says that she needed that.  A player throws up and Kelly says there's a case of food poisoning.  They say to get Melanie out of there.  Derwin mentions them being at-risk and Melanie tells them one baby has a 50/50 chance.  As they leave Kelly says there goes their victory today.  Tasha says because they sure aren't going to win this game.
  • Blue says to Jason that they aren't going to win this game.  Blue says there has to be another way.  Blue says that they need Malik and without him they don't stand a chance.
  • The reporter asks Malik why he's so glum – the Sabers are going to the playoffs.  He says that he'll reveal everything in his press conference.  Kelly says that it looks like Jason will be the new head coach.  Herbie says look who's here – Coach Sparks.  He says that there's no guarantee that Sparks will be returning to head coach and that there are many factors to consider. 
  • Keira knocks on a door and Malik answers.  She asks what he's doing there, because she has an audition.  He says that everything he said wasn't true and that he just needed to get his head back in the game.  He says that he loves her.  She says love doesn't play games.  He says he knows and words mean nothing without action.  He has guys pull back doors and reveals a stage and he says that he set up this whole audition for her.  He says that he's funding her next movie.  He asks her to say something.  She says that she slept with Blue last night.  He says ok and accidental sex happens.  He says that they will focus on the future and they can go to his press conference now to announce his retirement.  He then gets on one knee and asks her to marry him.  She says no and that she's sorry.  He tells everyone around that she's still a little mad. 
  • Malik is at the press conference and he says give him 5 more minutes.  Someone asks if this is about him retiring.  Malik gets a call from Tee-Tee and he asks if she's coming.  Tee-Tee has Keira in the car with him and he says she hasn't changed her mind.  He starts the press conference and announces that he loves football and that will never change.  He signs off with Malik Wright, the best to ever do it.  Tee-Tee says that was the worst press conference ever.  He tells Keira to take care of herself and good luck with her dreams.  He tells her when she gets out of San Diego to never look back.  She asks him why he never left.  He says the guy is his best friend.  She runs off.
  • Jason and Kelly are in the bedroom with Herbie watching and instructing them.
  • A month later Jason and the team are celebrating the championship.  Malik raises the trophy
  • Four months later Melanie and Derwin are at the hospital with their twins and DJ.
  • Six months later Keira is being interviewed about her breakout role in a new movie and that there are rumors that she and Michael B. Jordan are dating.  She says that she has nothing but love and respect for him.
  • Blue gets a flower delivery and Irv says that he is now officially signed to him and not to tell Tasha.
  • Tasha and Pookie move into their new home.  She sets out a doormat that says POW POW POW.


Thanks for reading! 

Tamara Marbury
1 Comment
  • DAG

    It has to be one of the worst season finales I have ever seen.

    Very sloppy. Unless she is opening up for a made for t.v. movie, there was no real closure, or real growth for any of the characters. Everyone is the same, and it is a real pity.

    Melanie still thinks she needed God- Brownie points, and also needed to show off to her fellow sunbeams that she is able to conceive.

    Malik is still his scheming self, who will new learn his lesson.

    Pookie had to shoot Rick(C'mon, man) to basically let Tasha know he is still interested in family life.

    Jason had to lose his integrity, by having sex in front of an old man for kicks.He should not have ever left Chardonay for Kely. They are not good for each other, and Chardonay made Jason a better man.

    Chardonay was just left in pieces with no closure of happy ending? The thing about T.V. and movies is that we in the real world like happy endings, because we know in real life happy endings always don't happen.

    So again, pretty much the finale sucked.



    August 12, 2015 at 1:53 pm