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29 Jul

BET’s The Game Episode 909

Here's the recap of BET's The Game Episode 909:

  • Malik tells Keira that he thinks that they should go their separate ways and that she might be able to work things out with Blue.  She slaps him.
  • Chardonnay and Roger are having brunch and she introduces him to Tee-Tee.  Malik tells Tee-Tee that this whole thing with Keira was a big distraction.  Malik says that he's going to get in the game tomorrow.
  • Kelly asks Jason his opinion on which shoes to wear.  Jason is preparing for the game tomorrow.  Jason and Kelly find out that Herbie Lesser bought the Sabers.
  • Tasha gets a call from Pookie asking if his daughter is ready to go to Richmond.  Tasha opens the door and Rick Fox is there.  Rick says that the email said that the baby was Pookie's, but he needed to see for himself.  Tasha tells Rick to hide before Pookie sees him.  Rick opens the door and Pookie asks what's going on.  Pookie asks why Tasha has her bag packed and she admits that she was going to run away with Kai.  Rick says that as impressive as his career has been, he would trade it all for a wife and a family.  Pookie tells Rick that he wanted to be a father his whole life, but this is not what he envisioned. 
  • Herbie talks about changing the name of the Sabers.  Jason tells him that he could have told them about it considering that it was their idea.  Herbie says that he wants to make Jason permanent head coach.  He says that there are strings attached though and he wants to revisit his relationship with Kelly.  Jason says that he can't have a night with his wife.  Herbie says that he'll settle for watching the two of them have sex.  Jason says no.  Jason says that he's going to win the game tomorrow and then there's no way the people will let him fire Jason.
  • Keira confides in Chardonnay and Roger.  Roger says maybe she gave it up too soon.  Keira doesn't want Roger there. 
  • Kelly gives a speech at the Read Wright program event that Malik throws.  Malik solicits donations from everyone in attendance.  Tee-Tee says that he can't believe that Malik has him food poisoning people.  Malik tells him to take the food to the QBs.
  • Chardonnay and Roger talk to Jason and Kelly.  Chardonnay says that he's being courted by major teams.  He says Canadian teams.  Roger admits that it's bad.  Chardonnay pulls Roger to the side and asks what that was all about and she says he made her look bad.  Chardonnay says that maybe she isn't ready to date.  They say that they thought that they had something.
  • Jason gets a call from the team and one of them says that a bunch of them have food poisoning.
  • Keira knocks on Blue's door and he lets her in.
  • Tasha, Pookie, and Rick are all drinking and singing.  Rick and Pookie start talking about who had Tasha first and Pookie pulls out his gun so he and Rick can fight like men.  Pookie tells Rick to take the gun and when Rick grabs it, it goes off and someone is shot.



Tamara Marbury
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