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22 Jul

BET’s The Game Episode 908

Here's the recap of BET's The Game Episode 908:

  • Keira and Malik are in bed together and Tasha comes in.
  • Chardonnay and Roger are at the club and Chardonnay says it's her fault that his father fired him.  He says he's right where he needs to be.  He asks her if she would like to go to Aspen with him and his friends.  She says that she can't because November spa season is like accountants in April.
  • Kelly is dressed as Little Red Riding Hood and Jason as the Big Bad Wolf.  Jason's head isn't into it and he says that job secuirty is on his mind.  Jason says that people don't like him very much and unless the owners are buttholes like him, he's up a creek.  Kelly says what if they are the owners and buy the Sabers.  Kelly says she made a lot of money connections while they were divorced.  
  • Tee-Tee asks Malik how much his Mom saw.  Malik says that his problem is that after he and Keira got it in 5 times he never shed a tear.  He says crying is how he knows it's love.  Malik says he's in his head because of all the stuff he went through to get Keira and that they might not even be a match.  Tasha calls him and invites him and Keira over for dinner.  
  • Malik and Keira arrive at Tasha's and finds Yana there.  Tasha says she's there because Tasha is thinking of investing in a workout video.  Malik says he and Keira will leave.  Tasha talks them into staying.  Keira tells Tasha she knows what she's doing.  Yana rubs Malik's shoulder and he starts crying.
  • Chardonnay sees Tee-Tee at a restaurant and he tells her she looks nice.  She says she's meeting a guy she met online and Tee-Tee is that guy.  Chardonnay wants to leave.  She tells him about how she's met a guy who she's into, but he's in the football world and she can't allow herself to get pulled back into that.  Tee-Tee asks if he's everything she's been looking for and she says he could be.  He tells her that she deserves happiness.  She thanks him and leaves and he checks Tinder.
  • Tasha, Keira, Malik, and Yana have dinner.  Yana says she's now the personal trainer for the Padres.  Tasha asks Keira what she's doing and Keira says she's booked a national commercial.  She takes a dig at Tasha's baby weight.  Malik says she's also booked a TV pilot.  Keira says it's really a web series and she passed on it.  Yana says Tasha invited her over because she isn't feeling Keira and she's going to leave.  Tasha tells Malik he needs someone he can build a life with. Malik says he knows where his career is headed and who he lays with at night is none of her business.  He says Keira is his woman and if she can't act right around them then she doesn't need to be around them.
  • Jason and Kelly meet with Roger.  Jason brings in an investor to help warm Roger up to the idea of them working together. Jason asks Kelly and the investor exactly how they met.  He then asks Kelly if her outfit is appropriate for this meeting. He then notices the investor's arm around Kelly.  Kelly admits that they dated 2 years ago and the investor says that it was a casual hook-up.  Roger says that he's out and that Jason has proven that he's a very messy man.  Jason and Kelly agree that buying the team is out.  
  • Keira is practicing lines in the mirror when Tasha calls.  She ignores the call and Tasha tells her from outside the door that she can hear her in there.  She lets Tasha in.  Tasha says Malik must really be feeling her if he went to bat for her like that.  Keira says they are best friends and she won't hurt Malik because he'll never hurt her.  Tasha shows Keira how to make mac and cheese.
  • Roger meets Chardonnay at the bar.  She says that she wants to talk to him about the ski trip.  She says that she's not accepting the invitation and not declining it either.  She invites him to church and he agrees.  She says that she likes his company, but also knows how messy the situation can get.  He says that he likes messy.  Jason and Kelly walk in and see them together.
  • Malik and Keira are in bed together and when Keira gets up he tries to cry, but can't.


There are only 2 more episodes of The Game left!  

Tamara Marbury
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