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15 Jul

BET’s The Game Episode 907

Here's the recap of BET's The Game Episode 907:

  • The police show up at Jason's house with Blue in handcuffs saying that they picked him up at a protest rally.  Jason asks him what's wrong with him.  Blue says he realized how much inequality there is in the world and tells Jason to get on the bus.  Jason tells him to get his head back in the game.
  • Blue asks Jason if they are going to watch the game footage and Jason says no, because Blue's not focused.  He tells him how Malik beat up a guy in a wheelchair and other fights he got into.  Blue says don't compare him to Malik.  Jason tells Blue don't act like he and Malik weren't once friends.  Jason says he wasn't always a fighter and that he's also a sensitive guy.  He tells Blue that he's more like Derwin than Malik without the churchy thing.  They recall Derwin fighting Blue at the draft party and the other fights he got into.  He says Blue and Derwin have cheating in common and that they are cheaters.  Blue says he never cheated on Keira and Jason says that's right, he was cheated on.  Jason continues flashbacks.
  • Jason calls Tasha.  He tells her that Blue was dropped off there by two police officers and it would be nice if his manager took interest and found him a Sunbeam to keep him focused.  Blue says he doesn't need a Sunbeam and Tasha says everyone needs a Sunbeam.  
  • Blue tells them thanks for recounting all of these relationships that ended so well and asks Tasha if she's sucking on Rick Fox's toes.  Eventually, Jason hangs up on Tasha.  
  • Blue says he's going to head out considering tonight has been a total waste of time.  Jason tells Blue that he has what it takes to be great, but he'll never be greater than him.  He says that he doesn't want to miss out on what this life has to offer.  Blue says he gets it.  He tells Jason that despite the issues that he's had since he's been there, there's no place that he'd rather be.  He says he's ready to watch game tape and Jason says he's sleepy now.  

Tamara Marbury
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