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8 Jul

BET’s The Game Episode 906

Here's this week's recap of BET's The Game Episode 906:

  • The Sabers owner says that he can't believe that they had to forfeit the game.  Jason says that's what happens when half the team walks.  The owner says to get them back.
  • Tasha tells Blue that this is it – the morning news.  She preps him for the interview questions.  Tasha asks what he hopes is the result of this walk-out.  He says he hopes the owner steps down.  Blue says he is the captain of the team, but with something like this, he isn't the leader.  Tasha tells him that in times like this someone has to lead to effect change.  
  • Malik and Keira finish making out and Malik turns on the TV.  Keira says that they should go out because they never go out-out.  Malik says there aren't many women with whom he can just chill.  She says the same.  Malik gets a message that there's an emergency meeting.and leaves.
  • The team and Sunbeams have a meeting at Malik's restaurant, Phatty's.  Jason says they got them all together to figure out the next step.  One of the player's wife says they are making league minimum and need to end this walk-out.  Blue says that they have to hold the line.  He says that man called them slaves.  Blue says they have to be willing to forego some things like games, money, and championships to effect change.  Blue asks Jason why he's there because he's not a player and Kelly is not a Sunbeam.  Blue says he knows some of them got dragged into this because a few of them walked out, but they deserve respect.  He says they stand together and they have to let them know that they are holding the line.  Everyone agrees.  
  • Jason asks Kelly if Blue is right.  Kelly asks if he was still a player and she was still a Sunbeam, what would they do?  
  • Malik and Keira eat at Phatty's.  Keira asks about which of the waitresses he's smashed.
  • Chardonnay meets with Roger, the owner's son.  He says he knows that they had a meeting today, but this isn't a good time for him.  He shows her the statement that he's supposed to say.  He says that he wants to say that he knows why everyone is upset, but that he also wants to protect his father.  He says that his father isn't a bad guy, but he's just old school.  Chardonnay helps him with his statement.
  • Malik and Keira go to the club.  Keira says that she feels like she's dating a stripper.  Blue is at the bar drinking.  Keira says when he drinks like that it's not good.  Keira says that she should say something.  Malik says he's out if she goes and talks to him.  She says give her a minute.  Keira asks Blue if she wants to talk about it.  He says not with her.  She says she understands what he's going through.  He asks if she means she knows what it's like to look in the eyes of men who have families to support.  She says she had the weight of supporting her family as a child actor.  She tells him that they are following him because he's right and to hold the line.  
  • Keira arrives at Malik's and says this is the first and last time she chases him and that he knows nothing is going on with her and Blue.  She says that he is her best friend.  Malik says seeing her with him just gave him a gut-check.  
  • Jason meets with the owner who is on his way to a being honored by the NRA.  Jason says sometimes people can be really right or really wrong about something.  Roger arrives and the owner asks if he has his statement memorized.  He shows him the new statement and the owner doesn't like it.  He balls it up and says that he'll read the original statement.  Roger says that he doesn't agree with it and he isn't reading it.  The owner fires his son as General Manager and asks if he still loves him though.  He stops the car and lets Roger out.  The owner receives a call from other owners saying that he has to step down because their players are threatening to walk out too.  He says he refuses to step down.  Jason says that he doesn't have a team.  He's wrong and no one is behind him.  Jason says as a former player, current coach, and as one black man to another, stepping down is the only way to right his wrong.  The next day he steps down.
  • Tasha sits Blue down and says that there are consequences because of his actions and he is suspended for the next game.  

Tamara Marbury
1 Comment
  • Marissa

    Thanks for doing the recaps. Ive enjoyed them throughout the years.

    July 13, 2015 at 3:34 pm