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1 Jul

BET’s The Game Episode 905

Here's the recap of BET's The Game Episode 905:

  • Keira listens to Malik's message and asks her friend what she thinks it means.  Her friend tells her to call him back.  She says that people will have a million things to say if she gets together with Malik.  She calls him back and says that she got his messages and that they need to meet in person.
  • Chardonnay is talking with the Sabers owner about expanding Spadonnay.  He says that he thought she would have information about Jason.  She says that she has moved on with her life.  He says that he really admires her.  He says that people just assume that he got his position because of his father and he wants to build his own dynasty.  
  • Jason gives a pep talk to the team.  He asks Blue if he wants to give any words to the team as captain.  He tells him to stay focused and hang in there.  Everyone's phones start going off and they tell Jason to turn on the TV.  They turn to TMZ and the Sabers owner tells the camera man asks about trading a player and the owner tells him to leave the slave trading to him.  Everyone gets upset.  Blue says they aren't slaves and they shouldn't be addressed as such.  Malik says that they should all get out of there and be home by 5.  A teammates asks if he has to get home to smash someone else's woman.  Jason says he got a text from the owner saying that he's going to issue an apology.  He talks to the owner and he refuses.  His son agrees.  
  • Tasha gathers the Sunbeams to discuss the slavery issue.  Tasha says that she just got word that the owner is going to make an official apology this afternoon.  Keira walks in and one of the Sunbeams asks who she's there for – Blue or Malik.  Keira says that things didn't work out between her and Blue and things happen.  Tasha pulls Keira to the side and tells her that she is drama and is messy and that she's causing problems.  Keira says that she cares about Malik and based on his messages she's sure that he feels the same.  She says that she knows what she wants and that's her son.  
  • The Sabers owner issues an apology and says that it was taken out of context.  He says that it isn't a term that he created and that white team owners have used it for years.  He's asked by a reporter if he's a racist.  The owner says that he's going to say something that everyone can understand in this day of social media and says "hashtag my bad."  Everyone is shocked and upset.
  • Blue asks if that was supposed to be an apology.  Jason says technically it was.  Malik says that they should go home and get a good night's sleep and come back tomorrow.  Blue says that they aren't going anywhere.  Players leaves.  
  • Tasha accidentally locks the baby in the car and locks herself out.  The reporter comes up and wants to ride with her and Tasha tries to play it off.  She asks Tasha if she locked herself out because the baby has the keys in her lap.  The reporter says they'll just call AAA.  Tasha says it's hard trying to be a Super Mom.  AAA says that someone can be there in 20 minutes.  Tasha then breaks the window.
  • Malik shows up at Keira's.  Keira has a face mask on.  She says that she was about to make dinner and asks if he wants some.  Keira says that they have been friends long enough to know that friends say things that they don't mean and she accepts his apology.  He says that he left her a message about a possible future for them and she says she heard that too.  She says that maybe they can explore it and he says cool and they kiss.
  • Jason says by the end of practice he'll get them an apology.  Blue says they've already been down this road and the owner needs to be removed from the team.  Blue says that he's not going to play until that happens.  Some players start to leave.

Tamara Marbury
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