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3 Jun

BET’s The Game Season 9 Premiere [Final Season]

The final season of BET's The Game is here!  Here's the recap of Episode 901:

  • Malik and Keira are making out when Keira stops and says she's engaged and asks how he could let this happen.  Blue drives up to the hotel and the valet says that he can park his car next to Keira's.  Blue turns around and sees her car.  Malik and Keira walk to the elevator and get on and find Blue inside.  Blue punches Malik and they fight (as shown on the elevator tape). Eventually, people break them up.  
  • Jason and Kelly just finished having sex on the football field.  Kelly says that she can't believe that this is really real and that he is the Interim Head Coach.  Jason's phone rings and it's Chardonnay.  He wants to send it to voicemail, but Kelly tells him to answer it.  Chardonnay says that she caught the big announcement and congratulates him.  He thanks her.  She says that they are good and he says that it means a lot to him.  She brings up memories from their relationship and keeps bringing up the steroid scandal.  Kelly tells him to stop talking about it because she's recording it.  Chardonnay says she sure is recording it.  
  • Malik, Blue, and Keira are at Tasha's and she asks them what happened.  No one talks.  She says she knows what it's about and two poles and one hooha equals an elevator brawl.  She says that they can't afford to make a spectacle and that all of their money and reputation is on the line.  Tasha says the story will be that they were in a fender bender.  Blue gets up and leaves. Malik then leaves.  Keira tries to leave and Tasha tells her that she's staying at her place tonight.  
  • Tasha is showing pictures of the baby to Kelly.  Kelly tells Tasha that Chardonnay is back.  She says that she recorded the steroid conversation with Jason.  Kelly asks Tasha to talk to Chardonnay.  Kelly says that this affects Jason's money and the Sabers which affects her client, Blue's, money.  Tasha says that Chardonnay is also her bestie.  Kelly tries to tell her that Jason might help Malik get off 3rd string and if not, then he can also possibly cut him from the team.  Tasha asks if it's a threat.  Kelly says to think of it as a strong request.
  • Keira arrives home to find Blue packing.  He says he's good.  Keira tells him that he's overreacting and that nothing happened. A woman comes out of the bedroom and Keira says she deserves a chance to explain herself.  Blue says she doesn't deserve anything and that he's done.  Blue also asks for the ring back.  Keira gives it to him and he leaves.
  • Tasha arrives at Chardonnay's and says that she has to hear on the streets that she's back in town.  Tasha asks her what she's planning to do with that recording.  Chardonnay says she's blowing the lid off that steroid scandal.  Tasha says she doesn't need to do that.  Tasha says she wants Chardonnay to have a bigger platform to drop the story on the Pitts.  
  • Kelly calls Jason and tells him that Tasha sided with Chardonnay.  Jason asks if she threatened her like they talked about. Kelly points to Tasha's Instagram picture telling everyone to be sure to tune in tonight.
  • Malik and Blue are at practice.  Blue tells Malik that he's looking real good and tells everyone to come over and watch him throw.  He calls Malik the 3rd string MVP.  Malik tells him that he didn't smash Keira and Blue tells him that maybe he should go back and get some.  They start pushing and then it's broken up.
  • Tasha preps Chardonnay for the TV interview.  Jason and Kelly show up to refute her interview.  Chardonnay tells Deborah Norville that she played her.  Deborah says maybe.  She tells them that this is a classy show and there will be no Jerry Springer antics.  Chardonnay says that it saddens her to have to share this info with everyone.  Jason interrupts and says that he is a victim of the system.  He admits to using steroids.  Chardonnay tries to jump in and stress that he used steroids. Jason says that covering up his actions might have ruined his family and might ruin his career, but that he has to bring this ugly disease to light.  He pretends to cry and Kelly brings out a Bible.  Deborah says that social media is supporting Jason. Chardonnay walks off and says she hates Jason.  Jason and Kelly walk off and Jason says that he just lost the Hall of Fame. 

Tamara Marbury
  • Judy

    I hope that Keira and Malik do not start seeing eachother.  They are better off as friends.  I do not think that Blue and Keira should be together because all they do is fight.  Love Jason and Kelly, feel bad for Chardonnay.  Maybe she can find love again before the season is over.  When will you post episode 2?

    June 11, 2015 at 7:52 am
  • Renae

    Thanks for the recap.. I can't wait to find out what happens in episode 2!

    June 12, 2015 at 5:19 am