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17 Jun

BET’s The Game Episode 903

Here's the recap of BET's The Game Episode 902:

  • Tasha tells her Dad that she's going down to the spa.  
  • Tee-Tee is at the restaurant giving the waitresses the new rules.  Malik leaves a message for Keira to call him back.  He tells Tee-Tee that she overheard something that wasn't meant for her ears, so he's merely trying to apologize.  Tee-Tee says that friendship is done.  Malik says Keira has been down for him since Day 1 and he can keep it 100 with her all the time.  Tee-Tee says he doesn't want to just be friends with her.  He says Malik needs to apologize to Blue and then let him and his fiance get back to their lives.  Malik says he's right.
  • Kelly tries to get Jason to eat.  Brittany comes in and says that she got into college and got a scholarship.  Kelly asks which college and Brittany says FAMU.  Kelly says she hasn't heard of it and Brittany says it's Chardonnay's alma mater.  She says Chardonnay encouraged her to apply.  Brittany reassures Kelly that it was all before Kelly came back.  Brittany runs off to text Chardonnay the news.
  • Tasha arrives back home and Tee-Tee says he's been asleep since he got there.  They try to wake him up, but he doesn't wake up. 
  • Malik tells Jason that he's realized his part in this whole mess.  Blue arrives at Jason's house.  Malik says he's not making excuses and what he did was foul.  He apologizes and tries to figure out if he and Keira have reconciled.  Blue says it is what it is and he sees what Malik is trying to find out.  Jason asks if that's what he's doing and Malik says yeah.  Blue says it's clear that Malik has it bad for Keira.  He gives Malik the advice that how you get them is how you lose them.  
  • EMT comes and confirms that Tasha's Dad is dead.  They say that when it's natural causes the funeral home has to take the body.  Tasha blames Tee-Tee for not watching her father closer because he's been dead for over an hour.  Chardonnay tells them to stop fighting.  Tasha won't let Chardonnay call Malik.  Kelly arrives to offer her condolences.  Tears run down Tasha's face while she tries to say that she's fine.  Tasha goes and gets her baby when she hears her crying.  Tasha says she doesn't even have a picture of her Dad for her baby.  Chardonnay comes up with the idea of taking a picture of his body.  Kelly and Chardonnay start arguing the Tasha tells them to shut up and leaves the room.  
  • Kelly thanks Chardonnay for helping Brittany get into college.  Chardonnay says she was happy for Brittany when she called and told her the news.  Chardonnay says she's still standing and that Kelly can't break her.  She says that's what she's realized from all of this.  Kelly says she's right and that she's been a monster.  Kelly says Chardonnay didn't deserve any of this and apologizes.  She asks Chardonnay to forgive her.  Chardonnay says Kelly has to live with this and that this is her cross to bear.  
  • Malik arrives home and asks what she's doing there.  She tells him that his granddad died.  She says that he went out just like he said he would, booty and bacon.  Tasha says she just thinks about Kai and how she messed up with Pookie and how maybe if she hadn't messed up Kai would have her daddy around.  Tee-Tee arrives and tells Tasha the coroner is there and offers his condolences to Malik.  Malik calls Keira and leaves her a message saying that he wants her.  

Tamara Marbury
1 Comment
  • DAG

    It has to be one of the worst season finales I have ever seen.

    Very sloppy. Unless she is opening up for a made for t.v. movie, there was no real closure, or real growth for any of the characters. Everyone is the same, and it is a real pity.

    Melanie still thinks she needed God- Brownie points, and also needed to show off to her fellow sunbeams that she is able to conceive.

    Malik is still his scheming self, who will new learn his lesson.

    Pookie had to shoot Rick(C'mon, man) to basically let Tasha know he is still interested in family life.

    Jason had to lose his integrity, by having sex in front of an old man for kicks.He should not have ever left Chardonay for Kely. They are not good for each other, and Chardonay made Jason a better man.

    Chardonay was just left in pieces with no closure of happy ending? The thing about T.V. and movies is that we in the real world like happy endings, because we know in real life happy endings always don't happen.

    So again, pretty much the finale sucked.

    August 13, 2015 at 6:42 pm

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