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10 Jun

BET’s The Game Episode 902

Here's the recap of BET's The Game Episode 902:

  • Jason and Kelly are getting married again.  Jason says he will love her forever.  Kelly starts saying her vows, but then says she's sorry and that she can't do this.  She then says she's kidding and just wanted to see what that would feel like.  She says she loves him and their family and is so in.  They are pronounced husband and wife.  Just as they are about to kiss Jason's phone rings.  The owner wants to know when he'll be back to run the team because it's a disaster.
  • Tasha arrives at Malik's with her father.  Malik tells Tasha to tell her client to calm down.  Tasha says to tell her everything so she can handle it.  Her father says they "smushed."  Malik says they didn't smash, but just kissed.  Tasha says she's learned to live with her mistakes and he needs to learn to live with his and leaves.  Tasha's father says that Tasha wasn't a good example for him, but that he wasn't a good one for her either.  He says maybe they should just continue that.
  • Chardonnay gets a visit at her salon from the Sabers owner.  He says that it was his father's decision to hire Jason as interim head coach and he thought that he would try to get ahead of this story and see if there are any other stories that might come up.  He tells Chardonnay that Jason got remarried.  
  • Jason is on the news and gets asked about the elevator fight.  They show the video from the elevator.  Jason tries to explain it as reenacting a dance.  The reporter says that Blue appears to be the aggressor.  Jason's credibility is questioned.  The league says they are stripping him for his championship title and investigating all of his previous seasons.  
  • Tasha tells Keira that she and Blue moved too fast.  Keira says that it seems like all they did was argue.  Tasha says they did.  Tasha says she's learned that she doesn't have to fight to feel like she's in love anymore.  Keira says Malik opened her eyes to that.  She says things are very easy with him and he isn't trying to change her.  Tasha asks where this is going and asks Keira if she's fallen for him.  She tells her that she didn't pass on the relationship gene to Malik and she needs to leave him alone, because what she wants from him, he can't give it to her.  
  • Blue is in his car listening to music.  He motions for a homeless guy to come over and he gives him the engagement ring.
  • Kelly gets a visit at home from Chardonnay.  She tells Chardonnay that she shouldn't be here.  Chardonnay says not 6 months ago she stood there and said that she wasn't there to take her husband.  Kelly admits that she wanted Jason back and never stopped loving him.  She says she hardly recognized him when she saw him with Chardonnay because he was all the things that she wanted him to be.  Chardonnay says he was still her husband.  Kelly says she put in years with him and she made him into that man who was Chardonnay's husband.  Kelly says that he will always be hers.  Chardonnay calls Kelly a dirty dog and says that they deserve each other.  
  • Chardonnay knocks everything off the desk in her room and pulls the sheets off the bed.  She kneels down to pray.  
  • Malik talks with the owner and tells him that he knows the team needs Blue more than him.  They say that they'll say he started it and that they are giving him a two-game suspension.  He then tells Jason that his whole time as interim coach has been a debacle.  Jason says he takes his job seriously.  The owner says that if they don't make the playoffs he will drop him.
  • Blue visits Malik and tells him that he took the fall because it was his fault.  He says that he should have known that he would steal him girl because Malik is nothing but trash.  Malik says if she was really his girl then he wouldn't have been able to steal him.  Blue says that was his fiance.  Malik says he should probably be thanking him for smoking her out.  Keira comes up and says really? 

Tamara Marbury
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