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2 Mar

What’s Making Me Happy

Marshalls Spring Handbag

Marshalls Love Print

Marshalls Stationery

Love Flowers


Can you believe that it is already March?  This year is flying by and spring is just around the corner (I'm keeping my fingers crossed that spring temperatures come with it) and I cannot wait.  The thought of spring just makes me so happy, so I thought that I would share a few things that I'm loving and a few things that are making me happy right now.

heart heartheartheartheart

  • This A. Bellucci leather tote courtesy of Marshalls.  I had been looking for the perfect white handbag and this is it!  It's made of genuine leather, so I know it will hold up when I put all of my stuff in it like my DSLR camera, my journal, my planner, a magazine or two, a bottle of water, a snack…I could go on.  I see this being my go-to travel handbag, because it's gorgeous, sturdy, and roomy and I will look so chic walking through the airport with it.  And with the black and gold detail on this bag, you know I'll be rocking it during football season with my Saints apparel.  


  • This new wall print courtesy of Marshalls.  Who doesn't love love?


  • Claire Underwood's style.  If you don't know who that is, Google her.  Or get Netflix.  


  • Flowers.  I just discovered this year how much I love pretty flowers.  They genuinely make me happy, so much so that I changed the locked screen image on my phone for the first time in about 3 years to a picture that I look of some white roses. White roses might currently be my favorite flowers.  I picked up the flowers above during a trip to IKEA this past weekend.  I didn't go shopping for flowers, but once I saw these I couldn't resist.  


  • Stationery.  You all already know how much I love journals and planners and note pads and pens.  I saw this To Do notepad in Marshalls and loved that each page is that brown paper bag color, so I had to get it.  And honestly, I don't know the last time I wrote with a pencil, but these were so cute that I had to get them too.  I've actually got an idea for that note pad and those pencils, so stay tuned.


  • Podcasts.  I've discovered some great new podcasts that didn't make my original favorite podcasts post, such as Mattie & Chris and Being Boss (one of the women on this podcast lives in my hometown of Florence, AL!  Crazy!).  Head over to iTunes and check both podcasts out.  


  • Audiobooks.  As much as I love to read I just haven't had the time to sit down with a good book in a while.  Solution?  Audiobooks.  They are great to listen to in the car or when you're waiting somewhere.  I've managed to listen to a few great books in the last couple of months and most recently finished The Girl On The Train which I recommend.  


  • Movies.  I love going to the theater to see a movie, but I don't do it nearly as much as I would like. I told myself that I would try to go at least once a month now. I saw Selma in January on MLK Day. February flew by too quickly so I didn't make it. And I just attended a VIP Screening of Brotherly Love starring Keke Palmer, Quincy, Romeo Miller, Cory Hardrict, and more. Stay tuned for my photos of the cast on the Red Carpet plus my review of the movie.  Is there anything at the theater now that you recommend I see next?


What's making you happy?  What do you love?




*I received some items courtesy of Marshalls and other items were purchased with a gift card provided to me as a member of Project Fab.  As always, the opinions are my own.


Tamara Marbury
  • Bobbie

    Heyyyy Tamara! What's currently making me happy is: My blog facelift, my new glasses and my hair finally being able to get back in a puff after I cut it 5months ago. I have checked out some of the podcasts you posted recently. I do follow Mattie & Chris…I like their podcast. Great post as always, Tamara! :)

    March 2, 2015 at 12:23 am
  • Akaleistar

    That tote is beautiful, and I've been hearing great things about The Girl On The Train :)

    March 7, 2015 at 9:48 am