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4 Mar

BET’s The Game – Episode 808 (Season 8 Finale)

Here's the recap of BET's The Game Episode 808 (Season 8 Finale):

  • Tasha tells Blue that he has a big game tomorrow and it's showtime.  Tasha asks Jason if he's excited about the big game tomorrow.  Tasha tells him that Chardonnay is gone and went back to Fresno.  She tells him that once again he's run away her best friend.  
  • Jason goes over plays with Blue and asks him how he's feeling.  Blue says not too good and he thinks Malik is trying to smash his girl.  He says he has a gut feeling.  Jason says Malik is an honest, upstanding dude.  Blue says he slept with the owners wife and Tee-Tee's girl.  
  • Kelly and Britt arrive in the game suite with the other Sunbeams.  Someone hands her flowers from Jason.  Britt says it's sweet.  Tasha and Kelly talk about how Britt seems to be coming around and maybe likes the idea of the 2 of them back together.  Keira screams for Blue and Malik drawing looks from Tasha and Kelly.
  • Jason tells Malik to cut the crap because Blue is on to him.  Coach yells at them and then grabs his heart, says he's having a heart attack, and falls out.
  • The acting head coach calls a play that Jason disagrees with.  The Sabers are intercepted and the other team scores a touchdown.  Coach calls the play again and Jason says he has no idea what he's doing.  They are intercepted again for another touchdown.  The owner says the coach is out and Jason is coaching the rest of the game.  
  • Jason calls his first play and the Sabers score and win the game.  Kelly and Britt meet Jason in the tunnel and hug him. Tasha congratulates Blue and takes a selfie with him.  She tells Malik to bring the car around.  Keira congratulates Blue and Blue invites Malik out to celebrate with them.  He says he doesn't want to be a third wheel.  Blue says he invited a girl for him.
  • Kelly finds Jason on the floor and says she's going to call an ambulance.  He says he came over to tell her that the owner is offering him the interim head coaching job.  He says he doesn't even like people and it's a set up.  Kelly tells him everything happens for a reason.  Kelly tells him he will rise to the occasion and blow this out of the water.  He high-fives her.  
  • Blue, Keira, Malik, and the girl are out.  Blue toasts to friends having a good time.  Blue takes a picture of Malik and the girl. Blue says he wants to post it to Instagram and Keira objects until she can edit it.  Blue suggests Malik and the girl dance. Keira is obviously getting jealous and asks Blue to dance with her.  Malik and Keira try to out dance each other.  Blue notices and walks off the dance floor.  Keira asks him what he's doing and he says he's never seen her act like this.  He says there is obviously something going on between her and Malik.  Keira says he's been so consumed with football and asks if this is really how he feels then why would he want to spend the rest of his life with her.
  • Keira knocks on Malik's door and asks if he brought the girl home and he says no.  Keira tells him that Blue has picked up on their energy.  She says they need to keep it real between them.  She says that she's been feeling something and he says the same thing.  Keira says that nothing can happen and they should cut back on hanging out.  Malik agrees.  Malik says that he isn't the problem in their relationship and that it's that they don't want to spend time together.  They get into it and Keira starts hitting him and they end up kissing.
  • Jason is ready for his press conference and Kelly is giving him tips.  Kelly tells him it's time to lose his soul patch.  Jason says it's the moment for them and he wants her next to him.  Jason is introduced as the new interim head coach.  He thanks them for the opportunity.  He says he has to start by thanking his family and brings Kelly out.  Chardonnay is watching and she says, "Family?  Oh, they tried to play Chardonnay!"  She tells her Mom and Dad that she's about to go back to San Diego and tear some ish up.

Tamara Marbury
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