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20 Feb

Continuing Blogger Education – Loop Giveaways, Affiliate Links, And More

This is a series that I started last year and want to pick back up this year.  I love staying up-to-date on what's happening in the blogging industry and want to be able to share it with you.  As with so many other industries, if you're serious and passionate about your craft or your profession, you are always learning.  Let's get into it!


This Week In CBE

⇒Do you sprinkle affiliate links into your pinning experience?  Well, not anymore.  Pinterest Kills Off Affiliate Links Program, Leaving 'Power Pinners' in the Lurch.


⇒Do you have a strategy when using social media?  Are you intentional with what you post?  Learn How To Rock Social Media Like A Supermodel.


⇒If you follow a lot of style bloggers like I do, then your Instagram is probably overloaded with photos from New York Fashion Week.  Read Why A Personal Style Blogger Goes To Fashion Week.


⇒Are you afraid that people won't think that blogging is a legit career?  Well, Harvard (yes, that Harvard) knows better.  Here's Why Harvard Added A Fashion Blogger To Its Curriculum.


⇒Thinking about taking that next step and becoming a full-time blogger?  Here are 20 Truths About Being a Full Time Blogger.


⇒Have you participated in a Loop Giveaway on Instagram?  I have (it was sponsored and I didn't have to buy into the giveaway), but I'm SO over seeing them on my Instagram feed.  Not sure if you should participate in one?  What I Learned From Gaining 3000 Instagram Followers In One Day.


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Tamara Marbury
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