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25 Feb

BET’s The Game – Episode 807

Here's this week's recap of BET's The Game Episode 807:

  • Malik tells Jason to pop a pill one hour before sex and Kelly will think he's swinging a Louisville Slugger.  Jason says one of his sex rules is no pills.  He says they've never had problems in the bedroom.  Malik says Kelly is a very sexual woman and Jason doesn't know who Kelly has been getting it in with.  Jason accepts the pill.
  • Tasha tells Blue he is sizzling on the field and he needs someone in his corner to make sure he's sizzling off the field too.  He says he was looking for a bigger management company.  Tasha says she got Malik 2 multi-million dollar contracts and Derwin the BOOM campaign.  He says that was years ago and he's looking for the big endorsement deals.  Blue points out that she's leaking and Tasha picks up her baby and starts breastfeeding.  She's told that she'll have to leave and Blue comes to her defense.
  • A woman knocks on Malik's door and asks to use his phone.  She comes in and drops her robe.  Malik gives Keira the handbag after he lost the celibacy bet.  He asks her how she went so long without sex.  She says she gives herself a low-five and Malik is shocked that she self-pleasures.  Keira says that she and this guy wanted to have sex so bad one time, so she compromised and let him watch.  Blue comes in and Malik is going to leave, but Blue invites him to stay and eat with them.
  • Jason has set up Phatty's with candles and Kelly arrives.  He tells her that they've got the place to themselves.  Kelly asks if that's their song playing.  Kelly tells him that if he's going to be in her life then he should meet her daughter.  Brittany comes in and makes a smart comment.  Kelly says she's not into her dating.  
  • Brittany is telling Kelly and Jason a story and Jason tries to get rid of Brittany.  Brittany leaves and Kelly notices Jason's "Louisville Slugger."  She asks what's that.  She says it took a lot for her to give him a second chance.  She says she doesn't have anymore time to waste.  She says she gave it up too soon in their first relationship and she needs to feel like this time around is going to be different.  She leaves.  
  • Tasha is watching a clip on Bossip of Blue telling the restaurant people off about her breastfeeding.  Chardonnay knocks on the door.  Tasha tells Chardonnay that she's lost her fire, which Chardonnay tries to tell Tasha something.
  • Blue tells Keira and Malik about the video, gets on the phone, and leaves the two of them together.  They watch a movie and a sex scene comes up.  At the same time they both jump up and say that they've got to pee.  They all come back to the couch and Blue asks if they mind if they rewind the movie.  Malik says it's past his bedtime and leaves.  
  • Jason knocks on Kelly's door and she tells him to go away.  He says he cames to apologize.  He asks her if she can read something.  He slides a note under the door and he said that he wrote that at a Keira movie.  He says it explains what she's always meant to him.  Kelly opens the door and tells him that was good and this is a good first step to being romantic.  Kelly says she wants him to stay all night with her and they just talk.  She then takes off her clothes and says that they have to talk with her in the underwear.
  • Tasha tells Blue that he's the new face of the Westin hotels.  He says that he thought about what Tasha said and maybe his cornball image isn't a bad thing.  Blue says that they can do a managerial trial run.  Tasha negotiates Blue playing part of her hotel money.  Tasha tells Chardonnay let's hit the streets to celebrate signing Blue.  Chardonnay says that she took Tasha's advice and she's actually leaving San Diego for good.  She said she signed the divorce papers and she's moving back to Fresno.  She says there's nothing left there, but painful memories.  Tasha asks what is she going to do without her.  They hug and say I love you.  They leave.



Tamara Marbury
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