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11 Feb

BET’s The Game – Episode 806

Here's the recap of BET's The Game Episode 806:

  • Chardonnay brings her sorority sister breakfast in bed.  She says she ought to be bringing her breakfast after all Chardonnay has been through.  She says she's going to throw Chardonnay a divorce party and tells her to take her ring off.
  • Malik gets a haircut and receives a call from Keira.  She says Blue is gone with some other players for a fitness program for kids.  Malik said he did that back in his first string days.  Keira asks Malik to go to her acting class with her since Blue bailed on her. Malik asks his female barber how her skills are with the undercarriage and she says for him to drop his pants.
  • Jason arrives at Kelly's and hopes to see Brittany.  Kelly says she's happy to be there for her senior year.  Jason says he's sure her boyfriend isn't happy about it.  Jason says he knows there is no Enrique and that Tasha told him about her fake boyfriend.  Kelly says since she's telling her secrets, she's going to tell Tasha's and that Tasha is stuck in the 70s down there.  Jason says he still has a chance with her and they need to be together.  Kelly tells him to get out.  Jason says he still loves her and she still loves him.  Kelly says him betraying Chardonnay is on him and he can't pin it on her.
  • At Chardonnay's divorce party, her sorority sister makes her do a reverse jumping the broom.  The crowd chants "Freedom!"  Her sorority sister says everyone there is a brother and sister from the local chapters and the guys are all single.  Chardonnay finds a guy with a British accent looking through the fridge and asks if she can help him.  He says he was looking for something non-alcoholic.  He says he doesn't know American football and doesn't know Jason and that he just came to the party with his cousin.  Chardonnay ends up in bed with him.  She starts to change her mind and he tells her to relax and that he's got her.  
  • Keira and Malik are in her acting class.  They do an excerpt from a film.  The teacher says she has to pull Malik in and tells them to kiss.  Keira says she can't because they are like family.  She says she also has a fiance.  The teacher says when she enters those doors she has no commitment and no fiance.  She asks her if she's a real actress.  She says she's coasting on dimples and baby hair and tells them to kiss.  Keira and Malik kiss.  The teacher tells them to do the lines again.  The teacher says that girl does not have a fiance and that that was magic.  Keira and Malik are quiet in the elevator together and leave each other awkwardly.
  • Chardonnay tells the British guy that she isn't typically that girl and he says he was impressed with that girl.  She asks him if he's seen her ring.  She asks him where it is and he asks her why would he steal it.  Chardonnay tasers him.  Her sorority sister says she sounds crazy and points out her ring in the cleaning solution.  
  • Malik asks Jason if he's ever been hanging with a friend and the vibe is off and it's uncomfortable.  Kelly knocks on the door and tells Malik to get out.  Kelly says maybe her tongue was a little overactive in his mouth, but she never meant to ruin his marriage with Chardonnay.  Jason says it was all him and he pulled the trigger on Chardonnay.  He asks her if she can look him in the face and say she never considered them getting back together.  She says she saw him and remembered the days when they were married.  She says she looked at their life and wondered what his life would be like with her.  He says he needs a second chance.  Kelly says if they do this they have to take it slow and see if it's what they both really want.  She says they have to do it on her terms and says it has to be a slow, old-school courtship.  He says yes.  Kelly says good-bye and he stops her and gets down on one knee pretending to propose and says he's kidding.
  • Bibbs says the British guy is still alive and drags him out.  Tasha tells her that she's so caught up in this Jason mess that she's spiraling.  She says she always prided herself on having morals.  Tasha says what she's been through isn't something that she can automatically bounce back from.  Chardonnay says she's tired of sitting around here nursing her wounds.  Tasha tells her she needs to get out of San Diego and heal.  She tells her to get back to the pre-Jason Chardonnay because she misses that girl.  Chardonnay says she misses her too.  


Tamara Marbury
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