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4 Feb

BET’s The Game – Episode 805

Here's the recap of BET's The Game Episode 805:

  • Malik and Jason are at this restaurant and Jason tells Malik that he got him a job as back-up quarterback – 3rd string.  Malik asks if he can get him a press conference or a press release announcing it and Jason says probably not.
  • Tasha and the Sunbeams are throwing Chardonnay a divorce party and giving her gifts.  Chardonnay says Tasha put her in touch with a forensic accountant and all the millions Jason has been hiding will be found.  She says that she will be alrigh.  Chardonnay leaves and Tasha says to take a moment of silence to honor another fallen sister.  Tasha then gets down to business and talks aout the charity event before the game.  Keira says that she's bailing on the event to devote herself to acting.  Everyone says that the team comes first and Tasha needs to stop encouraging Chardonnay to sue Jason, because things are going well with the team and that will just mess it up.
  • Blue is speaking to his teammates about how he's always focused on getting better.  Malik rolls up and says he's back.  Blue says they need to get ready for practice and should walk to the gym.  Malik starts walking with them and a teammate says first string goes first and tells him he should go to Denny's.
  • Blue is on the toilet and talking to Keira about how it smells when she goes to the bathroom and about falling off from the Sunbeams.  Keira says she thinks the smell is from the Crunchberries.  He tells her that she has to get organized like him.  He says that he's going to draw up a schedule for her.  She asks if going to the toilet is really supposed to smell like this and he says yes it is.
  • Malik talks to Jason about what he did in practice today.  Malik says things look off with the team.  He says the aim is off.  Jason asks if he has a suggestion.  Malik says he wants to be captain again.  He says he can be his eyes and ears on and off the field.  He says he can be like a consultant.  Jason says he'll run it up the chain.  Jason comes back and tells Malik he's team captain.
  • Chardonnay is talking with the accountant and says he's already found some secret accounts and they have a chance to wipe him out.  Tasha comes in and says she's on the way to the game.  Tasha tells Chardonnay that she should forgive and shouldn't spend her time on the lawsuit that she might not win.  She tells her more money, more problems.  Chardonnay asks the accountant to give them a minute and asks Tasha what's going on.  Tasha says if she drops a bomb on Jason there will be collateral damage for the Sabers.  Tasha says this might be Malik's last season.  Chardonnay says Malik is set and has millions and she's trying to get what's owed to her.  Chardonnay asks if they are friends or just football friends and tells Tasha to get out of her house.
  • Keira is at an audition.  She asks for time to refocus and then starts with the wrong scene.  Her cell phone starts to ring.  She asks if she can try again.
  • Jason tells Malik not to forget to act surprised when they announce him as captain.  The coach tells Jason that she's changed his mind on Malik as captain and wants Blue to be captain instead.  In the locker room the guys are teasing Malik.  He tells them that he's the captain now and the coach is going to come in and announce it.  He yells at them to fall in line and says that it's his team.  Jason comes in with the coach and tells Malik to abort.  The coach announces Blue as the new captain.  Jason leads the team in chanting Blue's name.  Malik looks disappointed.
  • Keira says she's through with Blue's schedule and she trashed her audition.  She says she can't be put in a box.  Blue says he gets what she's saying and Blue asks if he's on his own with the Sunbeam stuff.  Keira says no and that she'll help out when she can.  Blue says let's grab something to eat to celebrate his captainship.
  • Malik and Jason are at the bar and Jason apologizes.  He says that coach didn't tell him until right before it happened.  He says he's in the same boat and feels that he's trying to prove himself to the team too.  He says it's all a part of getting older and figuring out how you want to go out.  Jason tells him that he has a choice and that he can jump in and help the team however he can or he can get dragged out of the game kicking and screaming.  He says it's entirely up to him.
  • Chardonnay calls someone and says that she knows that she's going to regret making this phone call, but she's lonely and misses the person on the phone and asks them to come over. 


Tamara Marbury
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