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14 Jan

BET’s The Game – Season 8 Premiere

Season 8 is here, so let's get into it!  Here's the recap of BET's The Game Season 8 Premiere:

  • Chardonnay is running out of the church and rips the Just Married sign off the car.  She gets ready to drive away as Jason says he just opened his mouth and words fell out.  He says he wants to explain.  She speeds away and he mumbles, "I love you."
  • Malik is on the phone telling Tasha what happened at the church.  Malik tells Tee-Tee to move his tryouts up, because he needs to get on a team.  They tell Jason he really messed this one up.  Tee-Tee says he calls dibs on Chardonnay.
  • Kelly asks Jason what was he thinking.  He said he saw her and was thinking that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with both of them.  Kelly said he ruined Chardonnay's life.  Jason asks if it would have been fair to Chardonnay if he didn't say anything.  He jokes about having both of them.  He says that Chardonnay is the woman he never knew he wanted.  He says that he needs a moment to figure out where he is with her and then he can figure him and Kelly out.  Kelly says they are nowhere and she has someone else.  She says he's Latino.  She says that's why she was away for so long, because she wasn't ready to share it with anyone yet.  She says that they are in love and she's sorry that he did this to Chardonnay and to himself.
  • Keira and Blue pull up at the airport to a private jet.  The captain welcomes them on their voyage to Las Vegas and asks if they will be paying by cash or charge for the fuel.  He says Mr. Cuban is requesting it.  Blue calls Mark and says that the pilot is saying that they have to gas up the plane.  Blue gets off the phone and says they have to gas it up.
  • Tasha is in bed and Pookie brings healthy groceries in.  Tasha asks if he brought any Cheetos.  He tells her she has to eat healthy since her milk will be coming in.  He says he also got her diapers.  She says that they are afterbirth pantyliners. Tasha gets a call from Chardonnay.  Chardonnay says they played Chardonnay and she fell for it.  Tasha brings up her situation with Pookie and Rick Fox forgetting that Pookie is in the room.  He takes the baby out of the room to change her.  Someone rings Chardonnay's doorbell.  Tasha can hear her going off on someone.
  • Chardonnay is holding onto Kelly when Tasha breaks them up.  They notice Tasha's diaper.  Chardonnay tells Kelly she needs to get out of her house.  Tasha says only a white woman thinks it's ok to walk in a jilted black woman's house.  Kelly says she had nothing to do with what Jason did.  Kelly says she came back to spend time with her daughter and not to throw 2 years with Jason away.  Kelly tells Tasha she's just trying to say that people deserve second chances like this baby with Pookie means there's hope.  Chardonnay asks why she's still here.
  • Blue and Keira come out of the bathroom readjusting their clothes and the pilot asks what they were doing.  They say he had to go to the bathroom.  The pilot says now he has to go use it with their sex all over it.  The flight attendant checks on them and asks if they need anything.  She says she has one more question: paper or plastic?  Keira asks if she's talking about her movie, Baggers.  She says yes and that she's obsessed with it.  Keira tells her that she's going to Miami to shoot a new movie.  Blue asks, "You are?"
  • Malik knocks on Yana's door with a bracelet.  He tells her that he loves her and he's in love with her and that he just got caught up.  He says football means a lot to him and someone younger and faster is always trying to take his spot.  She says she can't sign the medical release, because he's not ready.  She says he told her she's the only one he's ever been in love with.  She says she loves him so much that she's willing to risk losing him.  She says that she can't take him bracelet, but she can take him.  He kisses her.
  • Kelly puts on gloves and a mask and asks Pookie if he can hold her now.  Pookie says no.  Kelly says she just wanted to come by and say goodbye because she's heading out of town.  Tasha asks Pookie if he'll excuse them.  Kelly says she feels bad that he's still in love with her.  Tasha says she's leaving her to clean up this mess.  She says she brought her some plastic wrap  because no man is going to want a woman with a butt and a gut.  She says she loves Tasha.  Pookie says that he made some adjustments to the birth certificate before they left the hospital.  She picks it up and sees that he gave her daughter his last name.  She says so it's official; he's the father of her baby.  Pookie says that things are going to change for the better and asks her how they are going to do this.  She says they can buy a Spanish-style house, because her baby isn't about this hotel life.  She says it's the 3 of them now.  He says they are in two different places.  He says he's talking about being with his daughter and that he's taking Kai with him to Richmond.  Tasha says he's not stealing her daughter.  Pookie says Kai is his daughter too.  Tasha puts him out and he says she'll be hearing from his lawyer.  She says she's changing Kai's name back to Mack.
  • Malik and Yana are in bed.  Malik gets out of bed and finds her credit card and take a picture of her signature on the back of it.
  • Chardonnay is in the bathroom looking in the mirror and crying.  She lights candles, undresses, and gets in the bathtub.  
  • Tasha knocks on Chardonnay's door.  Chardonnay is selling all of Jason's stuff in a fire sale.  Tasha brings in reinforcement – a former Sunbeam and Dionne.  She has Bibbs with her to watch over Kai.
  • Malik is getting a massage and Jason is in the room eating.  Tee-Tee brings in his old cleats.  Tee-Tee says things fall together easily when held together with lies.  Malik says he had to forge her signature.  Tee-Tee says he's going to love the massages in prison.  Malik says that it was always going to be Kelly.  Jason says he loved Chardonnay 100%.  Malik says it was never going to be them happily ever after and he doesn't love black women.  Jason says he got over his history with black women.  Malik says Chardonnay bullied him into quitting football.  Malik says Chardonnay made him confess to the steroids and that it was always going to be Kelly and not Chardonnay.
  • Keira and the flight attendant are singing songs from Baggers and Blue looks annoyed.  The pilot says it only took 9 hours to get all of the paper towels removed from the toilet.  Blue asks her if she still plans to do that movie and he proposed to her and wants his wife at home.  Keira asks if that's why he proposed.  He says he wants her to be with him forever.  Keira says he's wrong if he thinks he's going to control her.  They start throwing food at each other.  The pilot puts them off the plane.
  • Dionne tells Chardonnay this is her life and she can't sell all of his stuff.  Tasha says she doesn't want to go around tearing down walls and looking like the angry black woman.  They tell her to be smart and think of her brand.  Chardonnay says she doesn't have a brand.  Dionna says her brand is her and her story.  She says they can turn this into a book and do women's empowerment conferences.
  • Keira and Blue are in the same room and texting back and forth.  He says he didn't want her to leave him out there alone.  She says that she needs to follow her dreams too.  He asks if they can compromise and have a normal engagement and she promise to be his wife and he won't stand in the way of her dreams.  
  • Jason and at the tryouts.  The Sabers owner and his son tell Jason they are looking to bring him back as a Special Wide Receivers Coordinator for Blue.  Jason says he won't do it for less than a $1.3 million.  They say that's what they pay the Wide Receivers coach.  Jason says he guesses there will be personnel changes.  Malik comes out dancing to music and with dancers.  He says he's giving the teams a chance to get him.  Tee-Tee coughs and points out that Yana is there.
  • Malik says Yana is here and that he wouldn't be here if it wasn't for her.  He says she's his physical therapist and believed in him when no one else would.  He says she would do nothing to ruin his one shot.  She says good luck.  He has his tryout.  He starts out good, but ends terribly.  Afterwards Tee-Tee tells him that all the teams passed on him.  Yana comes over and Malik says he guesses she was right that his arm wasn't ready.  He says he probably won't be able to get the teams back for a second tryout.  He says that he only needs one team and that they should get back at physical therapy in the morning.  Yana says she gets it that he loves football and that he probably doesn't know how to love anything else.  She says goodbye.
  • Bibbs leaves Tasha alone and Tasha starts blocking the door with a chair when Pookie comes out of the bedroom.  Tasha says this is all just because she cheated on him with Rick.  He says threatening to take Kai to Richmond might have been spiteful and he's sorry.  Tasha says she's glad that they took care of that.  She says she'll take plenty of pictures and he can follow them on Instagram.  Pookie asks why she doesn't want him around her.  Tasha asks what woman on the up and up would want to raise their child in Richmond.  He says he wants to be in her life and help raise her.  He doesn't want her saying her father wasn't around.  Tasha says he can spend time with his daughter and bond with her.
  • Jason is at Malik's dancing while Malik soaks in the hot tub.  Jason says women come and go, but football loves him to the end.  He raises a glass to Coach Pitts.  Chardonnay knocks on the door and Jason asks if she's going to shoot him in the face.  Chardonnay serves him with divorce papers and she's going to take him for everything he's got which will be enough to bankroll her brand.  Malik laughs.  


What did you think of the Premiere?


Tamara Marbury
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