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28 Jan

BET’s The Game – Episode 804

Here's the recap of BET's The Game Episode 804:

  • Jason gets in his and sees someone in the back seat.  He thinks he's being carjacked until Malik starts talking.  Malik gives him a bag to open.  It's filled with cash.  Malik asks if it's enough to get him back on the team.  Malik asks if they have a deal and Jason says no.  He tells Malik to hide the bag as some of the other coaches get in the car.  Jason tells them Malik is treating them to lunch.
  • Keira and Blue are getting their makeup done.  Keira asks what is she doing there shooting a commercial because she's a real actress who was cast in a Woody Allen movie.  Blue tells her that her part was cut and plus she gets to spend the day shooting with him.  They practice their lines and Keira overacts and ad libs.  They ask her what is she doing and she said she likes to create a backstory.  She's told to stick to the script.  She overacts again.  
  • Tasha knocks on Chardonnay's door with Kai and Tasha says Malik never cried this much.  Tasha wants to leave Kai with Chardonnay so she can help Malik get back on the team.  Chardonnay already has plans.  Tasha confesses to having a hard time with Kai.  Chardonnay tells her that she has the baby blues and agrees to cancel her plans.  Tasha vacuums while Chardonnay rocks Kai in the car seat.  They think she's fallen asleep, but Kai starts crying again.  Tasha and Chardonnay try sock puppets to get Kai to stop crying.  Malik shows up and asks what Tasha is doing there and says she's supposed to be getting him back on the team.  He says it's time he got new management anyway.  Tasha says she's firing him.  Chardonnay says she finally got Kai to sleep.  Malik yells, "BYE KAI" on purposes before he leaves to wake her up.
  • Blue and Keira watch the Snickers commercial and Keira says that they cut out all of her scenes.  Keira says that she thought Blue would be more supportive and he says he doesn't know how much more supportive he could be after getting her the part.  Keira didn't know that he got her the part.  Blue tells her that maybe she should consider if acting is really the career she wants.  Keira says acting is her life and she breaths acting.  Blue says it seems like all it's ever given her is disappointment.  Blue says he wants her to be happy no matter what and he supports whatever she decides.  
  • Tasha and Chardonnay are singing to Kai who is still crying.  Chardonnay tells Tasha that she went to Jason for answers and he told her he still loves Kelly.  Chardonnay says deep down she knew and wonders how she can trust someone with her heart again and move on.  Tasha tells her love is a risk and there are no guarantees.  Tasha picks Kai up and she stops crying.  Chardonnay says Kai is at peace because Tasha is at peace with Kai.  Tasha says she has to go and console her other crying baby.  
  • Malik arrives at his restaurant and finds Keira eating.  She tells him about the commercial and says she's thinking that Blue is right and that acting isn't right for her.  He says that's some bull.  Malik tells her advice that his mentor Steve Jobs gave him about reality distortion. Malik says if acting is her passion she needs to be working at it 24-7.  He says sometimes when he calls her after his second smash she's just having her first bowl of cereal.  She asks if he's having sex now and he says he's just using it as an example.  
  • Tasha arrives at Jason's office.  Tasha says she needs a favor.  She says she needs him to put Malik back on the team.  Jason says he just got here and he would lose all credibility asking for Malik to be reinstated.  Tasha asks if there's nothing she can do even give him info on Kelly.  Jason says yes and to spill the info she has.  Tasha says Kelly lied and she's not seeing anyone and that he still has a chance.  



Tamara Marbury
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