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21 Jan

BET’s The Game – Episode 803

Here's the recap of BET's The Game Episode 803:

  • Chardonnay watches an entertainment report by Perez Hilton about Chardonnay and Jason's wedding.  
  • Chardonnay shows the video clip to Tasha.  Tasha says his report is word-for-word what she said at the hair salon.  Chardonnay says it's slander.  Chardonnay asks her to call a few people to clear her name.  Tasha says they will get her truth out there and then launch her brand.  Tasha asks Tee-Tee to watch Kai.
  • Jason and Blue are looking at practice footage.  Blue says he sucks.  Jason says he doesn't suck and that they'll get it together.  Malik changes the channel to a movie.  Jason gets a call from him divorce lawyer.  The lawyer tells Jason that he can stay in the house as long as she wants.  Jason says it doesn't make sense because it's his house.  Keira knocks on the door and asks Blue if he's ready.  Keira puts her feet in the hot tub with Malik.  Malik says for the next 6 months he's not smashing any chicks.  He says if he bags any chicks in 6 months he'll buy her any bag she wants.  Jason asks Blue what Keira is doing there and he says that they are hitting up the Rick Ross concert.  Jason tells him he sucks and he can't leave early.  He tells Blue that football should be his only wife, fiance, and mistress.  Keira says, "And women are fighting over you?"
  • Chardonnay appears on Perez Hilton to set the record straight.  She says she's a survivor and a fighter.  She says the vow renewal was Jason's idea to make up for kissing Kelly.  Perez asks if they were having an affair and Chardonnay says it was just a kiss.  He asks if there were any signs of cheating and Chardonnay seems unsure.  Tasha steps in and says that Chardonnay is so misunderstood and that Jason is the bad guy and mislead Chardonnay.  
  • Blue is at practice and Jason is yelling at Blue.  Blue says he knows Jason is going through personal issues and is taking it out on him.  He says his life is in the toilet and that he lost his first and second wife in 5 minutes.  Jason says he's wasting time with his head up Keira's ass.  Blue asks him what kind of man leaves his wife at the altar and calls him a coward.  Jason says he should crack his head open and calls him a groupie.  He says he's an undercover nerd living out his pop star fantasies with Keira.  Jason tells him to keep living like he's living and he'll be gone and Jason will still be there training the next rookie.  
  • Keira comes home and shows Blue a new bikini and Blue asks if he can show it to her later.  She says he can see her in it tonight at the party.  He says he has to get a fresh cut and gets online to see who all RSVP'd to the party.  Keira calls him such a groupie.  
  • Chardonnay knocks on Jason's door and says they need to talk.
  • Chardonnay says that she came over for some answers.  She asks him what happened.  He says he's still trying to figure it out himself.  She says she worked, cooked, and had his back.  She said she wasn't the angry black woman who pushed him to have an affair with his ex.  He says there was no affair, but just the kiss.  He says the only answer that he can come up with is that he's a coward.  He says he didn't want to risk losing her and then regret it.  He says he was selfish.  She asks at what point did he stop worrying about losing her.  He says at the kiss when Kelly came with the steroid money it was a reminder that she always has his back.  He says it was also a reminder that Chardonnay was not the right woman with him.  She says this is probably the first time he's been honest with her and leaves.
  • Jason shows up at the field and says to Blue let's get started.  
  • Tee-Tee arrives back at Tasha's with Kai.  Tasha says she was going to order some wings.  Tee-Tee says he's just dropping her off and he needs to go and get his manhood back.  Tasha tries to get him to stay, but he leaves.  Kai starts crying and Tasha tries to console her, but she keeps crying.  Tasha calls Malik and leaves him a message asking him to call her when he gets the message.  She says she needs him to come and watch his sister.  


What are your thoughts on this episode?



Tamara Marbury
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