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15 Apr

Bloggers Feast – Tupelo Honey Cafe in Charlotte

My blogger friend, Connie, invited me and a few other fellow blogger friends to have dinner at Tupelo Honey Cafe last Friday evening.  It was a chance for us to get together, chat about life and the happenings with our blogs, and of course, to eat some good food.  Connie had previously eaten there and had raved about Tupelo Honey Cafe so much so that Tupelo Honey Cafe invited us to come back to have dinner on them for the purpose of reviewing the restaurant.  


Tupelo Honey Cafe 6

We arrived and Connie gave each of us gifts – a mug with our first initial and a fun clutch for a night on the town (thanks again, Connie!).  Then we were greeted by our awesome waitress Dawn.  Dawn started us out with drinks and told us that we HAD to try the Sparkling Blueberry Punch.  I typically shy away from juices, punches, and sodas with meals, but this sounded good, so I had her bring me a glass.  I expected it to be super sweet, but it wasn't.  It was refreshing and SO good; not super sweet at all.  I killed my glass in just a few minutes.  You HAVE to order a glass when you go.  


Tupelo Honey Cafe

Next, we all ordered different appetizers to share.  I ordered the Tupelo's Encore Cheesy Grit Cakes.  The best way I can describe it is surprisingly delicious.  I wasn't sure what it would taste like when I ordered it, but I was very pleased.  Yum.  


Tupelo Honey Cafe

Then, Dawn brought is a plate of their biscuits that comes with jam.  I didn't try the jam (hey, I had to cut carbs somewhere in this meal), but the biscuits were divine.  I could have eaten the whole plate myself, but I limited myself to eating a few bites to save room for my main meal.  Another must try.  


Tupelo Honey Cafe

And finally, for the entree, I order the Cajun Skillet Catfish which is served over goat cheese grits (and topped with salsa, but I asked them to put that on the side).  I love catfish and I loved this dish.  The catfish and grits were delicious.  


Tupelo Honey Cafe

At the end of the meal we were all stuffed and happy.  Connie asked, "When's the last time you ate somewhere and everything you ate was good?"  That's really what happened.  Everyone honestly enjoyed everything that was brought to the table.  (Dawn also insisted that we have dessert and brought out 3 different desserts for everyone to try.  Dawn told us to try the banana pudding, because she doesn't even like banana pudding, but likes theirs.  I didn't have any dessert, but everyone else raved about all three and one blogger friend who does not like banana pudding agreed with Dawn after tasting it.)  Everything was so good that many ended up ordering food to take home.  Before we could leave, Dawn brought out a copy of the Tupelo Honey Cafe cookbook for each of us to take home!  That just really made our night (after you finish eating there, you'll probably want to pick up the cookbook too!  It is a hard cover book with 125 recipes and I honestly can't wait to try some)!  Everyone at Tupelo Honey Cafe was so nice.  I absolutely recommend that if you live in Charlotte, you must swing by for a meal (they have other locations so check the site if you live outside of Charlotte). This was the best meal that I've had in a long time.  I will definitely be going back often!  Many thanks to everyone at Tupelo Honey Cafe!


Tupelo Honey Cafe Cookbook


(First image/Tupelo Honey Cafe)

Tamara Marbury
  • Bobbie

    Looks like a good time, Tamara! I have been thinking about doing a small bloggers brunch…hmmm maybe Iwill put something together like this

    April 21, 2014 at 8:05 am
  • Lauren H

    I love their location in asheville. I have to try this one out now

    April 30, 2014 at 7:16 pm