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22 Apr

BET’s The Game – Episode 709

Here is this week's recap of BET's The Game Episode 709:

  • Tasha is putting together the crib and speaking with customer service for help.  She hangs up with customer service determined to figure it out and says that her baby will be here in 4 weeks.
  • Malik and Yana are working out and she says he smells good.  She asks why is he wearing cologne and he asks why is she wearing pink bubble gum lipstick.  She says that he is still unfocused and suggests that they do it right there.  He agrees.  They make love and Malik has a tear running down his face afterwards.
  • Kelly massages Tasha's feet.  She gets a text from Brittany saying hotel security just busted her trying to buy sangria.  Tasha and Kelly go downstairs and everyone yells surprise.  Everyone is there for Tasha's surprise baby shower.  Jason and Chardonnay show up and say they are late because of handling last minute wedding plans.  Chardonnay asks Keira how her audition went and she says she got the part in the new Woody Allen movie.  She plays Nanny #4 from Jamaica.  Malik says Blue must be proud of his girl and Blue says that words can't describe.  Tasha asks where Tee-Tee is and Malik says he's going through some things and is sitting this one out.  
  • Tee-Tee is drinking and watching the news about him being found guilty of reckless endangerment.  He throws the bottle at the TV.
  • Everyone at the party gets together for a photo and Tasha cries.  Kelly says it's nice to see the vulnerable side of her.  
  • Blue asks what Keira expects and Keira says that it's kind of a big deal.  Blue says he would have thought that they would have discussed this since the role will require her living in Miami for a few months.  He says that he expects her to run this stuff by him since he is her boyfriend and they live together.  Keira says he's her roommate and not her Daddy.  He walks off.
  • Tasha opens gifts and gets a Rosetta Stone from Blue.  Malik gives her his first football, because he wants his baby sister to have it.  Tasha says Pookie gave him that and asks if he kept it all this time.  Tasha gets teary-eyed and blames it on baby hormones and gets up and leaves the group.  
  • The guys are outside throwing around the football.  They say that Malik's arm is looking good and he credits Yana.  Jason asks how's the sex and Malik says on point.  Malik says it's weird and that they did it face-to-face and there was caressing and hugging and he let her finish first.  Jason says Malik made love.  Blue asks if this is the first time he's made love.  He says that's so precious.  Malik says he's got his nerve laughing when he got bagged by a virgin.  Jason laughs and then Blue jokes about him not having a pre-nup.  Blue says the question is whether Yana was making love to Malik too.  Malik doesn't answer.
  • Tasha puts the pieces to the crib back in the box.  Kelly, Chardonnay, and Keira knock on the door and ask if she's ok.  Keira starts talking about Blue being mad at her and Tasha says this isn't about Blue.  Chardonnay jokes that Tasha is mad because she wore a sweatsuit to her shower.  Tasha says she's upset because the football reminded her that neither Pookie nor Rick was there.  Tasha then talks about not being able to put the crib together.  Kelly asks if she's having financial problems and if that's why she lives in a hotel.  Tasha says she wanted to put it together herself to show that she doesn't need a man, but realizes that she does.  She says she needs a man to take her daughter to the Father-Daughter dance.  Tasha says it's a father who teaches a daughter her worth.  Kelly says that Tasha is part of a world filled with strong men – football players.  She says this little girl is going to be so taken care of when it comes to men.  
  • The guys are trying to put the crib together.  Tasha tells them to be sure to put it together right.  Chardonnay asks Kelly if they can talk and Kelly asks if she means somewhere without witnesses around.  Kelly says what happened with her and Jason was a momentary indiscretion.  She says she knows and just wants to clear the air.  Kelly apologizes and Chardonnay says it's not just on her, but Jason is responsible for his own actions too.  Chardonnay says that she gets it and that Kelly was probably an amazing woman back then and that's what Jason needed then, but that she's what he needs now.  Kelly says Jason is lucky and Chardonnay invites her to the wedding.  Chardonnay says there's nothing she wants more than for Kelly to see her and Jason jump the broom.  Kelly asks if they are doing that and Chardonnay says yes.  Everyone is watching and listening at the window.
  • Malik is outside of Yana's place and she comes out to talk to him.  She jokes with him about crying after sex and says it happens.  He picks her up and they kiss.
  • Tasha is in her room and touches her stomach and says good morning to her baby.  She says she's 8 months pregnant, but still wearing her heels to the wedding.  Her water breaks.  
  • Tasha goes to Malik's as Tee-Tee is about to jump off the ledge.  He gets down and opens the door and says he'll take her to the hospital.  


With only one episode left, what are your thoughts on this season of The Game?



Tamara Marbury
  • Bobbie

    I’m glad you do these recaps..because i missed it last night. Its ok…I still miss Melanie and Derwin

    April 23, 2014 at 8:16 am
  • Nola

    Hated season 7 finale because Jason and Chardonnay was already legally married so it didn't make since for him to still be in love with someone he hasn't been with in five season. Was this a way to eliminate Brandy from the show and bring Brittany Daniels back. Blu and Keira can never replace Melanie and Derwin, I missed them from the Game its just not the same =(

    May 1, 2014 at 3:09 pm