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15 Apr

BET’s The Game – Episode 708

Here's the recap of BET's The Game Episode 708:

  • Blue is dancing to old music and Chardonnay knocks on the door and says it's nice to hear some black music, because Jason doesn't allow it in the house.  She says she needs to talk about the mockery Jason made of their marriage.  She says he's making it up to her by renewing their vows with a wedding.  She asks Keira to be her Maid of Honor and Keira asks why.  She says Tasha is busy with her baby stuff, but other than those two she doesn't have many friends in LA.  Keira says she's busy and Blue says earlier she was complaining about having nothing to do.  Keira agrees to be the Maid of Honor.  
  • Tasha is at home with a Lamaze coach and says she's so excited about having a baby.  Kelly and Brittany walk in.  Kelly says Brittany got caught making out with a nerd at school.  The Lamaze coach teaches her breathing exercises.  They overhear Brittany talking on the phone to her friend about Tasha being old and having a baby and not knowing the father.    
  • Keira arrives late to Chardonnay's meeting with her wedding planner.  Keira says she was at the sanctuary picking out her doves.  Jason walks in and Chardonnay asks if he wants to join them and he says not really and that he's okay with what she picks.  Chardonnay says she knows this isn't his first wedding, but this is their wedding and she would like him to be involved. They show Jason some electronic invitations narrated by Morgan Freeman and say they are only $1,000 per invitation.  
  • Malik is jogging with Yana and says it's crazy that his Mom is pregnant.  Malik says he misses Yana and her friendship and their relationship.  She asks what about what he said about not being able to be friends without it being sexual.  He says he can try.  Yana says if he has to have sex with every woman in his life then they should just do it, so they can move on to just being platonic.  He says if she thinks she can handle it then let's go and they have sex.
  • Chardonnay, Keira, Jason, and the wedding planner are listening to B.O.B. perform in their home.  They say that they love it, but Chardonnay says they are seeing more people so they will be in touch.  The wedding planner says John Mayer did his thing too.  Keira asks the wedding planner to give them a second.  Keira asks Chardonnay if she knows that Jason is having a hard time with all the money he's spending for the wedding.  Keira asks if this is about her having the wedding of her dreams or about punishing Jason.  Chardonnay says the vision of his tongue down his ex-wife's throat is on replay in her mind, so this is about punishing him.  Keira says in that case, why not just divorce him and Chardonnay says because she loves him.  Keira says that she has to let it go or she's going to lose him.
  • Tasha and the coach are working with a doll.  Kelly and Brittany arrive again and Kelly says Brittany is now into the 5-finger discount.  The coach asks Tasha to show them the proper sleeping position for a newborn.  Tasha lays the doll on its stomach with a blanket.  Brittany chimes in that this technique will work best in her baby's casket.  The coach says a lot has changed since she had Malik and that position increases the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.  Kelly says she's there to help Tasha and Brittany asks Kelly who's going to help her.  Brittany says she can't remember the last time she and Kelly communicated and she's hardly ever there anymore.  Kelly says she's here and Brittany says, "yeah, for her" and storms out.
  • Malik and Yana finish having sex and he asks her how she feels and she says she's ok.  He tries helping her get Cornflakes out of her hair.  Tee-Tee walks in the room and asks if they have just been hanging out and having sex all day while he was in court with this trial.  He then asks about a threesome.
  • Kelly finds Brittany in the club.  She says she knows things haven't been ideal between them the last couple of years, but that she's always there for her.  Brittany asks if she was there when Lisa broke up with her.  She says all she does when she is in town is throw her credit card at her and tell her to go shopping.  Kelly says she has a lot of regrets for the way she raised her. She says she's been a horrible role model and now Brittany is smart, beautiful and sometimes a scary black woman.  She says she looks at her and knows she's failed her and sometimes it's just easier to hand her a credit card.  She says she's sorry that she might not be the best mom, but that she won't stop trying.
  • Chardonnay arrives home to Jason sitting in the dark and asks if he turned the electricity off again.  He says he's just trying to save money where he can.  She says she wants to show him something about the wedding.  Jason says he can't be part of the planning anymore, but that she can have whatever she wants.  She says she just wants to not picture him kissing Kelly every time she closes her eyes.  He says he knows and that's why he's allowing her to do all of this.  She says she knows and that's why she's made some adjustments to the wedding.  She pulls out her Grammy's wedding dress and says they had a simple wedding and that's what she wants.  She says no B.O.B.  Jason says he still wants the Michael Jackson tribute.  He then tells her stories of knowing Michael Jackson.  



Tamara Marbury
  • AshG

    Where can I purchase the track suit Malik had on in this episode Tamara?

    April 22, 2014 at 5:54 pm