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8 Apr

BET’s The Game – Episode 707

Here's this week's recap of BET's The Game Episode 707:

  • Jason walks Chardonnay out to the patio and surprises her with flowers and breakfast.  He tells her that he prepared an egg white omelet and coffee.  Jason says he's trying and Chardonnay says he kissed his ex-wife and lied about it.  He asks how he can make it better because he can't go back in time.  Chardonnay says she wants him to feel like she feels.  He asks if she wants to go and kiss somebody.  She says no and then yes.  He tells her to go and kiss somebody.  
  • Keira says she loves waking up to Blue as he comes up from under the covers.  He says that it's now her turn and she says she has to go down to her place.  He asks isn't his place supposed to be her place and didn't he ask her to move in together. He says that he thought it meant that they were going to be sharing the same place.  He says that he didn't think that it would just be a 24-hour sex-a-thon where she doesn't reciprocate.  She says ok, let's do it.  She says he should pack up his stuff and move to her condo.
  • Malik is working out with Yana.  She tells him that she can see his junk all the time when they work out and that he might want to think about losing the foreskin.  Malik says that someone did a drive-by on Tee-Tee's house with raw chickens so it's good that he moved in.  Yana says that since she broke up with Sasha she wants to lay low too like Tee-Tee.  Malik says the best thing to do after a break up is to hop back on a vagina.  She says there's a party tonight and he says that he will go with her and be her wingman.  
  • Tasha picks out dresses for Chardonnay to go out in and asks Chardonnay's opinion.  Tasha says Chardonnay's going to kiss someone tonight.  She tells Chardonnay that they are girls and Chardonnay asks if she's girls with Kelly too.  She says yes, but her loyalty is split like butt cheeks.  She says as their friend she doesn't want to see either one of them with Jason.  Tasha says if Chardonnay makes good on her promise to kiss another man, he will see that she's not all bark with no bite.  
  • Blue is showing Keira all of the features of his place and she says she's very familiar.  He says she acts like his place isn't better than hers and she says it's not.  Jason knocks on the door and tells them his wife is on the way to kiss another man. He says he wants to know how Blue got past Keira kissing a co-star.  Keira says their situation was different, because she and Blue weren't together and he's very married to Chardonnay.  Blue says it wasn't easy to get past it.  He says he thought about when he first met Keira at the draft and how he felt that night.  He says sometimes you have to take a deep breath, reset, and remember why you fell in love in the first place.  She says that's so sweet and that she's going to get her stuff to move in. She leaves and Jason says he's not a big fan of hers.
  • Malik and Yana are at the club.  A woman comes up and offers to buy her a shot and she says no.  She then asks if she wants to get out of there with her and Yana says no.  Malik asks Yana what's wrong with that woman because she was fine. Yana says that she was thirsty.  Malik points out another woman.  Yana says that she looks like she might have Hep B.  Malik says good point.  A woman walks up and says hello to Malik and he says "Hi, Tori."  She asks why he doesn't talk to her anymore.  They get ready to leave and Tori says to go ahead and run and he probably wishes he had run that night when he got beat up.  Tori and Yana get into it and Yana punches Tori in the face.  
  • Malik wraps Yana's hand.  She says her ex-boyfriend used to box.  Malik asks, "Boyfriend?"  Malik says he gets it.  He says lesbians call their ex-girlfriends their ex-boyfriends.  Yana says no and that she meant her ex-boyfriend.  Malik says this is crazy and changes everything.  He says now they have to have sex because she's into guys.  She says she's always been into guys, but that doesn't mean that they are going to have sex.  He says it's inevitable and their professional relationship will turn sexual.  He says that he has a lot riding on rehab and it's best to keep it very professional.  He says they shouldn't hang out as friends.  Yana says fine and reminds him of their session tomorrow before leaving.
  • Blue goes to Keira's place and asks if she's ready.  Keira tells individual things in her place goodbye.  Blue tells her to stop moping and that it's supposed to be a happy occasion.  She says this is the only thing that she owns.  He says he gets it, but that it's just an apartment and they'll make new memories at his place.  She says she just feels more emotionally, spiritually, and sexually comfortable at her place.  He asks, "Sexually?" and says that she should have led with that and starts unpacking her boxes and says they are staying.
  • Chardonnay and Tasha are out at the club scoping out men.  They pick out a guy for Chardonnay to kiss and call him over.  He sees her ring and says she's married.  Tasha says that she and her husband have an arrangement, a kissing arrangement.  Chardonnay gets ready to kiss him and Jason comes in and says don't do it.  He says he GPS'd her phone. Chardonnay says in order for her to get over him kissing Kelly he needs to let her kiss this guy.  He says that they just need to hit the reset button and he gets down on one knee.  He re-proposes with a ring and says he needs to give her the wedding she's always wanted.  Tasha says that she hopes she's not falling for it.  Chardonnay grabs the guy and kisses him and then says now she's falling for it.  Jason gets up, wipes Chardonnay's mouth off, and then they kiss.  



Tamara Marbury
  • All Talk Entertainment

    I believe Malik and Yana will definitely hook up before it's all over with.  She'll be the one to settle him down.  I wish that were on for an hour.

    April 12, 2014 at 1:19 pm
  • Indy

    Where can I find the grey sweatsuit the Keira wore in The Game Episode 707?

    April 12, 2014 at 1:57 pm
  • AshG

    Where can I purchase the Jordan outfit, Malik was wearing when he was jogging?

    April 16, 2014 at 8:57 pm