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1 Apr

BET’s The Game – Episode 706

Here is this week's recap of BET's The Game Episode 706:

  • Chardonnay and Brittany are throwing Jason's stuff out on the lawn.  Brittany tells him that his soon-to-be-second-ex-wife doesn't want to talk to him because he spent the night with her mother.  Brittany tells him that Kelly often has men over, so he might want to get tested.  They close and lock the door.  Jason tries to unlock it, but they have changed the locks.
  • Malik is at the restaurant and asks if Tee-Tee is going to help bus tables.  Tee-Tee says he's consumed with the Cluck Truck issues.  Tasha shows up and says the guys were a no show.  Malik says that she has to call them and tell them.  Malik yells at one of his waitresses about not doing her butt exercises.  Tasha says she called them and they said to let them know something when the baby is born.  Malik reminds her that it's about the baby and Tasha says she's tired of this baby and her fear is that it will turn out to be like him.  She experiences pain and sits down and Malik calls the doctor.
  • Keira is singing in the mirror with a flat iron.  She sets it on a towel and it catches on fire.  The alarm goes off and she knocks on Blue's door.  Blue tells her the fire alarm is going off and she says it's coming from her apartment and asks if he minds her staying with him for a while.  
  • Jason's stuff is out on the lawn and he says he's not going anywhere until she talks to him.  He starts serenading her.  She opens the door and throws an orange at him.  He says he will eat it for dinner later.  
  • Tasha is lying on the couch and Malik brings her water and tells her to stop stressing.  The doctor says stress can affect the baby.  The doctor says that it looks like "she" is doing just fine.  Tasha asks if he means her and he says no, that she's having a girl.  Malik says this is karma for him.  Tasha is excited about having a girl.  She tells Malik to come and look at his sister on the monitor.  
  • Blue is watching TV on his tablet.  Keira is watching him and says she likes that this gives them an excuse to play house and that it feels so adult.  He says he knows something that will make them feel even more like adults.  He starts to unbutton her shirt.  They make out.  Then Blue tosses popcorn to her for her to catch in her mouth, they play cards, and dance.  In bed, Blue snores and Keira pushes him out of the bed.  
  • Jason is still sitting out on the patio and singing and playing the guitar.  Chardonnay is inside watching him.  She grabs her keys and goes to Tasha's house.  She says she came to see her for answers.  She says if she wasn't 5 months pregnant she would beat her ass and as soon as she has the baby, she's going to beat her ass.  Tasha says she's basking in motherhood and tells Chardonnay that she's having a girl.  Chardonnay says she still has a bone to pick with her for failing to tell her about Jason and Kelly.  Tasha tells her that Jason did not have sex with Kelly.  She said she spoke with Kelly and Kelly told her nothing happened and that Jason did nothing but talk all night about how happy his life is.  She said the car crash was his lame attempt at sparing her heartache.  Chardonnay asks why she didn't tell her sooner.  She said maybe because she was wallowing in negativity at the intervention.  She says she realizes that Chardonnay's heart was in the right place.  She says that now that she's having a baby girl, she wants to be a better girlfriend.  Tasha asks if she wants to apologize to her and Chardonnay says no.  
  • Malik has a meeting at the restaurant with the staff and says that he's having a baby sister.  He says that he doesn't want her to experience the disrespect that these women receive.  He says that he's a different man.  He's going to uplift and give them the respect that they deserve.  They ask if this means longer uniforms.  He says maybe a burger and a fry.  He says that they will get extra pay plus he's hired Phatt Boys.  
  • Tee-Tee asks Malik to buy him out of his share of Phatt Burger.  He says his legal fees are mounting and he doesn't want to be the anchor holding him down.  Tee-Tee says Malik has a gold mine and he needs someone to help him take it to the next level and right now that's not him.  Malik says ok and let him know if he can do anything.  Tee-Tee says they are out of soy milk and toilet paper and that he moved in.  
  • Keira says her condo is officially ready and he can have his place back.  He tells her that he might have started to like her in his hair and maybe she shouldn't go.  Keira asks him if he's proposing to her and he says he was just suggesting that she move in and live there rent-free.  Keira says yes.
  • Chardonnay goes outside to talk to Jason.  She says she spoke to Tasha and she told her that nothing happened with Kelly. He says he's been trying to tell her that and she says something did happen.  She says he crashed his car and faked an injury.  He says he would have done anything in that moment to keep her.  She accepts his apology.  She tells him from this point forward they don't lie to each other, because that's not them.  He agrees.  She says let's go and get coffee.  He stops her and tells her that that night at the hotel he kissed Kelly.  

Tamara Marbury
  • Susan Moore

    Oh…your recaps are AWESOME!!!  I'm glad Blue and Kiera are not Melanie and Derwin replacements. I'm glad Kelly is back…even though I like Jason with Chardonnay, Kelly will add some spice. Great Job!

    April 2, 2014 at 10:45 am
  • Elizabeth-Jamey

    I have to say, first of all, I've been looking for a site that actually recaps the whole episode without littering it with their own personal opionions, and as someone who writes blogs, I have to say, I love your style and writing.  Very good.  I will defintley ensure I keep checking back daily to see what new things you have posted.  Keep up the good work.

    April 4, 2014 at 10:01 am