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4 Mar

BET’s The Game – Season 7 Premiere

BET's The Game is BACK!  If you've been reading for a while, then you know the deal.  Here's the BET's The Game Season 7 Premiere recap:

  • Jason and Chardonnay are discussing the Sabers retiring his jersey and Jason says they will name a street after him.  Tasha is in the doctor's office getting Botox.  Blue tells Keira she looks nice and then he gets in a SUV and she gets in her car.  Malik, whose arm is in a sling, has his girl Nina who says that they haven't been out in 6 weeks and asks if they are going to the banquet.  He says to hell with the Sabers.  
  • Malik is in bed and asks Nina what did he tell her about cleaning up and tells her to sit down.  Chardonnay and Jason knock on the door and Chardonnay is surprised to see Nina there.  Nina says this is happening.  Jason tells Malik that he's supposed to be there tonight and say a speech.  He gives him the speech.  Malik says Jason doesn't get it because the Sabers threw him out like a doll while Jason's getting his jersey retired.  Malik says this is his life now and he's not going.  He says that he doesn't care about Jason or his jersey.  He tells them to get out.  Chardonnay tells Jason Nina's hair looks a mess and she wants to talk to her about it.  After Jason walks out Chardonnay tells Malik that this is a huge night for her husband and he's Jason's best friend and he wants him there to share it with him.  She says that she expects him to get up and get down there.  She leaves and Nina asks him if he's going and he says no.
  • Jason's mother asks the press who has a prouder mother and Jason asks, "Aaron Hernandez?"  Jason's father says his jersey was retired 2 months after retirement and Jason's is 3 months.  Jason jokes about it taking him several times to get in the Hall of Fame.  Brittany is also there.
  • Chardonnay talks to Keira and says her dress is screaming "take me, Blue."  Keira says forget him and Chardonnay asks why she's trying to hook them back up then.  She says she misses him.  Keira says the night of the premiere she told him it was over because she thought she would be better off without him and she's not.  They see Tasha and Tasha says that they are going to have to call Keira a ride home before they end up on a Who Wore It Best poll.  Keira asks Tasha what's wrong with her face and if she had a stroke.  
  • Jason sees an old teammate and doesn't recognize him and then when he realizes who it is he says it's been a few years. Jason also thinks Tasha is having a stroke.  Keira goes to Blue's table and he says that he didn't know she would be there. Keira says Chardonnay strong-armed her into coming, Keira being her best friend and all.  Blue asks, "Best friend?  What's her last name?"  She says she doesn't need one.  Blue's date comes up and wants to sit down and Keira moves over one seat to let her sit next to Blue.
  • Blue and his date are kissing and Keira asks where they met, Twitter?  She says a bar.  She asks Blue how he knows her and he says she lives in his building.  Blue introduces Jason to his date and Jason says aww when he sees Keira sitting there. Jason asks Blue to introduce him and he reads the speech and says that's not really his voice.  Tasha sits down at the table with Jason's family.  Jason's father flirts with Tasha and she asks if they have an open marriage and he says yes and his wife says by open he means closed.  Brittany says something smart and Tasha says something smart back and Brittany gets up and says she's leaving.  Chardonanny takes Tasha to the restroom and asks her what's going on with her.  She says nothing. Tasha finally says it happened and Chardonnay asks if she means a stroke.  Tasha says no, she's going through menopause and she wants to make sure she still has it.  Chardonnay says she's heard it can be scary, but imagine how free she is now – free of cramps and mood swings.  Tasha says God is punishing her for cheating on Pookie with Rick.  
  • Jason's parents come back into the banquet with their clothes messed up and undone.  Blue thanks Jason for letting him do the introduction.  Jason takes the speech cards from Blue.  Tasha says she's glad he came.  Jason gives Malik the speech and Malik apologizes for earlier.  A reporter grabs Jason to talk to him before the program begins.  He says he's interested in how high his stats were that season and the prior season his stats were considerably lower and there's a huge disparity.  He says Jason may have had a little help.  He says he's talking about steroids.  Jason says oh.  
  • Jason asks him if he's accusing him of doing steroids and tells him to slow down on the drinking.  The reporter says that he has sources willing to name him and says to call him if he wants to talk.
  • Jason thinks to himself and wonders what enemies he has who would name names.  Keira thinks to herself and says he picked his new girl up at a bar and that's why her breasts are saggy.  Blue wonders if his date's breasts are saggy.  Malik thinks they turned their back on him.  Tasha thinks how the mighty have fallen talking about herself.  Chardonnay is singing about hot sauce in her head.  Blue's girl asks him if he used to date Keira and Keira says yes.  Blue says he was a rookie and didn't know any better.  
  • Malik gets up to give the introduction and realizes that Jason isn't in the room.  Jason is in the restroom throwing up.  Malik says since they have a minute he noticed people whispering when he arrived.  The coach gets up and Malik tells him to sit down.  Malik says he knows they are thinking poor Malik that he got beat down and can't play football anymore.  Malik asks Tasha what's wrong with her eye.  Malik puts his bank on the speakerphone telling the millions currently in his account.  Malik says he owns a burger restaurant and tells them to kiss his phatty.  He drops the mic and then picks it back up when he sees Jason walk up and says, "Jason Pitts, y'all."  
  • Jason starts to give his speech and is stumbling over his words.  Jason puts his speech down and begins to speak from his heart.  He says what he did on the field was not for the faint of heart.  He says the fans keep coming out to see you every Sunday.  He says some cheer, some boo, and some write about it.  He says they will never understand what it's like to get out there and risk it all.  He says it's for the game they all love so much.  He says he's worn the #88 with pride and would do it all again.  Jason ends with "Last name Ever.  First name Greatest."  Everyone cheers and applauds.  
  • Malik gets his driver from the bar and sees Franco's rap video on the TV with someone looking like him wearing his jersey and looking beat up.  Malik says they need to make a stop on the way to the house.
  • Tasha is talking to Jason and his family when she starts to feel sick and Jason says he thinks she's having another stroke. They run to the restroom.  Tasha throws up and Tasha says she's been sick a lot lately because she's going through the change.  Chardonnay asks if that's normal.  Tasha says she's been throwing up, missed her period, and is gaining weight. Chardonnay says it sounds like she's pregnant.  
  • Jason talks to his old teammate Ty and says what they did back in the day is out.  He says that someone is going to name names.  He asks how can that be.  He says that freaking reporter McGee.  Jason asks him how did he know it was McGee. He says McGee sniffed him out months ago and he finally came clean.  Jason hits him and asks what happened to loyalty and says that they are supposed to be teammates.  Ty asks where was his teammate when he called 3 years ago and 2 years ago.  He says if it wasn't for him he would have been broke a long time ago.  Ty tells Jason that he's not going to sit back and watch Jason make history and get all the glory and that he plans to make a little history of his own.  
  • Keira goes into the restroom and overhears someone having sex in the stall next to her.  She peers over the stall and throws tissue at them.  Blue says she's in the men's restroom.  Keira says he's having sex with a random woman.  His date says that they met at a bar last night.  Keira is drunk and says that she was up for the role of Olivia Pope in Scandal and then laughs and says she's lying.  Blue tells her she's pathetic always acting like she's bumping into him.  His date leaves him.  
  • Malik is sitting outside of Franco's studio.  Bibs asks if Malik is sure he wants to do this.  Malik says Franco is the reason he isn't playing anymore and he's not afraid of Franco.  Tasha knocks on the window and they scream.  Malik asks how she knew they were there.  She asks him didn't they decide they weren't going to retaliate against Franco.  He says his life is over and Franco is going to pay.  Tasha says hurting him is only going to make him feel good for a moment and then it's over. Tasha tells him she's pregnant.  He doesn't believe her at first.  She says she's having Rick's baby.  He asks if they are back together.  She says she doesn't know.  She tells him she doesn't want his baby brother or sister talking to him through 6 inches of glass or 6 feet of dirt.  She asks if she's going to see him back at the hotel.  He says yes.  Tasha gets out of the car and thanks Bibs for the phone call.  
  • Keira asks valet to give her her car keys.  They offer to call her a cab.  Blue asks valet for her keys and says he will take her home.  Keira calls him a stalker.  A police officer walks up and Keira says he took her car keys.  The officer tells Blue to give Keira her keys back and Blue says man no.  He gets into a fight with the officer and gets cuffed.  


Check back each week for more recaps and follow me @BlitzAndGlam.



Tamara Marbury
  • Bobbie

    Thanks for this recap. I fell asleep on it last night and was going to catch the rest of it later on in the week.

    March 5, 2014 at 8:03 am
  • MrsEAC

    Thanks, you have the best recaps!!

    March 24, 2014 at 9:33 pm