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25 Mar

BET’s The Game – Episode 705

Here's this week's recap of BET's The Game Episode 705:

  • Tasha arrives at Malik's and everyone is there, including her father.  They tell her this is an intervention.  She asks why she needs an intervention and Chardonnay says to talk about the pregnancy that she's been hiding.  
  • Tasha asks Chardonnay if she told everyone she was pregnant.  They tell her that they were told that this was about something else.  Blue and Keira argue about sitting next to each other and Tasha says she knows she wasn't brought here to listen to Melanie and Derwin Part 2.  Tasha says she can't believe that she brought her here to talk about her pregnancy. Chardonnay says her secret is coming between her and her God.  Malik says he had a hand in this too.  He says he grew up without a father and he doesn't want his little brother or sister growing up the same way.  Blue says they are all there because they are concerned about her and her unborn child.  She tells him she doesn't even know his real name.  She unzips her jacket and shows them her pregnant belly.  She gets ready to leave and her father tells her to sit down and take her medicine. He tells Chardonnay that the floor is hers.  Tasha sits next to Jason and asks if she hurt his arm.  Tasha's father asks what happened and Chardonnay says he was in an accident.  Tasha asks, "Oh really?"  Jason turns the focus back to Tasha. Chardonnay says they all understand why she wouldn't want to call Rick or Pookie and that they all have their shortcomings. Tasha says she doesn't want her in her business.  
  • Someone knocks on the door and it's Malik's personal trainer.  She asks if he forgot about their session.  She asks to use the restroom and Tasha invites her to join them.  Tasha says she will call Rick and Pookie if that will get them out of her business. She gets her phone and pretends to call Rick until her phone begins to ring.  She says there is a reason she can't call them and she's raising the child on her own without anyone's help.
  • Keira is in the pantry and Blue walks in and starts kissing her.  Keira says that she doesn't want to keep this a secret forever and he tells her that they don't want to be that couple who breaks up and gets back together.
  • Malik goes to his bathroom and knocks on the door to see if the trainer is ok.  She says she and her girlfriend Sasha broke up.
  • Tasha breaks out all of her medicine and her father says she can remember to carry all of that, but not prophylactics.
  • Chardonnay starts the intervention back up.  Tee-Tee says Malik is in the bathroom banging his trainer.  Chardonnay says Tasha didn't do that good of a job raising Malik by himself.  Her father says her raising a baby by herself is a repeat.  She says she's rich now and can use her money to help raise the baby.  Blue says a father is necessary and tells what he learned from his father.  Tasha says she now knows why his season was bad.  He was raised by a father and he's soft, while Malik wasn't and is a two-time champion and three-time MVP.  
  • Someone knocks on the door and asks for Tee-Tee.  She serves him.  He says he's being sued and that they are saying that the salmonella outbreak is his fault.  He runs and jumps into the indoor pool.
  • Keira and Blue decide that keeping their relationship a secret is stupid and they should tell everyone.  No one seems to care. Tasha is trying to sneak out and Chardonnay stops her.  Jason says to let her go, because she can't keep her legs closed and it's a surprise she only has 2 kids.  Tasha tells Chardonnay that the night he had his accident he was really in Kelly's hotel room doing God knows what.  Chardonnay asks what that's about and Jason doesn't say anything.  Tasha leaves and then Chardonnay leaves.  
  • Malik's trainer is crying on his shoulder.  She says her girlfriend wants her to be a little puppet and control everything.  She starts taking off the clothes that Sasha bought her and Malik stops her.  She says he has no idea what she's going through and he says he's had plenty of relationships.  He says he's been through some stuff.  She says she had him pegged for a smash and dash kind of dude.  He says he is that, but he's not opposed to falling in love.  He says he tried to control his high school girlfriend, but deep down he knew he wasn't ready for that type of love and the same is probably true about Sasha.  
  • Malik walks out to the living room and asks Jason where everyone went.  He says Tasha got him and Chardonnay into a fight and left.  
  • Tasha's father knocks on her door and tells her to open it.  He tells her to call those men and tell them what she needs to tell them or he will.  She says she doesn't want to call them.  She says her relationship with them ended badly and she was responsible for it so she's responsible for the baby.  He says they are responsible too.  He says he's partially responsible for her lack of self-esteem.  She says it's funny how being called dummy all your life can affect your self-esteem.  He says she won't know what the men want until she calls them.  She says she can't.  He says there are times in our lives when we're tested and this is her test.  He says how they react is their test.  He says she will be alright, because she's daddy's little girl.


Who do you hope is the father of Tasha's baby?  Which character would you like to see come back to the show – Rick or Pookie?



Tamara Marbury
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