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6 Jan

What I Wore + Interview With NFL Creative Fashion Director Phillip Bloch

Saints Tee (c/o Phillip Bloch) | Chip & Pepper Jeans (c/o Belk) | Leather Jacket (c/o Marshalls)

Boots (Nine West/DSW) | Gold Necklace (Target) | Gold Earrings (Target)

Photo by Lindsay Wynne Photography


A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of interviewing Celebrity Stylist and NFL Creative Fashion Director Phillip Bloch.  After the interview, his team sent me a Saints tee that I couldn't wait to style.  


Saints Tee and Chip & Pepper Jeans 5a

He started the conversation by telling me that we have a few things in common:  he likes the Saints, he likes Charlotte, and he likes the name of my blog (at this point, he instantly became my friend in my head).  I started out by asking him what his job entails as the Creative Fashion Director for the NFL.


I work with Vogue a lot hosting events and Vogue and the NFL have a big partnership, so Vogue invited me to collaborate with the NFL on a project about a year ago.  We just got along really well.  What I'm in charge of doing here is bringing the trends to the NFL and the NFL then brings them to the people.  


With the Super Bowl being in New York this year, what style advice would you give the woman who wants to stay warm while representing her team?


Layers!  Lots of layers!  You don't want to be in some big, heavy coat.  Temperatures change throughout the day.  I would definitely start with part of Alyssa Milano's collection with Touch…they have some great thermals.  I love their thermals; they are really fun.  And then you can layer it with a Junk Food t-shirt, which Kristin Cavallari does her collection with.  You can throw a hoodie over that.


Saints Tee and Chip & Pepper Jeans (a)

Next, I told Phillip how I love my team's colors and have so much fun styling with black and gold and he agreed that we have it easy when it comes to styling.  So, I asked him, if there was a new team joining the league next season, which colors would he pick for that team.


Well, I definitely think somebody needs to get some more silver up in there.  I like the Raiders black and silver.  Dallas has a little bit of silver.  I think we've got enough navy at this point.  Who knows?  Maybe someone will come with the nude tones.  I doubt that's going to happen though.  We've got gold with you guys…and the Kansas City Chiefs have their version of yellow.  I think some good gold, not the yellow gold, but some gold like you guys have.  You guys are the luckiest.  White, silver, and gold could be hot.  That could be a really neat one.  I like that.  


Saints Tee and Chip & Pepper Jeans 7b


Do you have any football fashion advice?


Do what looks best on you.  Don't do what everybody else thinks you should do.  Have your own personal style.  Layering is great.  Accessories are a great way to go, too.  A great belt, a great shoe, a great bag can just spice up anything.  Team spirit is what we're really about and developing your own personal style.  Take a little risk.  Instead of throwing the sweatshirt on with the sweatpants, put on a great pair of jeans, put on a great shoe.  I like heels at a game. I think it's fun, I think it's sexy.  That's one of the things that separate the girls from the boys.


And, of course, we found a way to work a little Scandal talk into the conversation.


Maybe Kerry Washington will do a little Scandal collection for the NFL.  She's about to be a little football mama and wife.  Jessica Simpson's done very well in the apparel business and she's got a football player husband.  Or maybe even Gisele (Bundchen). Gisele makes most of her money from her flip flop collection.  We could use a little Brazilian style in our football gear.  Forty-five percent of the fan base is female and they want things that are made for a woman, but sporty and sexy and fun that they can dress up and dress down.  Some of the young designers like Alexander Wang and Prabal Gurung are doing such exciting things in their ready-to-wear/sportswear lines that I think something along that line could be really interesting.  


Saints Tee and Chip & Pepper Jeans 6a

Tamara Marbury
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