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13 Jan

Marshalls Project Fab Date Night At Baku Restaurant

Striped French Connection Dress (Marshalls) | Faux Leather Jacket (c/o Marshalls)

Black Tights (Marshalls) | Black Knee Boots (Nine West/DSW)


Marshalls Date Night At Baku Restaurant 5

If you remember my original Marshalls Project Fab Date Night post, I said that we hadn't actually gone on the date night yet, but that the leather pants and jacket featured in that post would be what I would wear.  Well…date night came and I decided that I wanted to wear something that would make me feel sexy and beautiful and hot at the same time (I mean, sometimes a girl just wants to hear a guy say, "Wow," am I right?).  Now, I can feel sexy in jeans and a tee, but I was feeling like it was a dress kind of night, so I decided to wear a dress that I bought at Marshalls last summer that I've only worn once in Las Vegas.  I did pair my leather jacket from my original date night post with it though to remix the look. 

Baku Restaurant Date Night

Marshalls sent us to try out a Japanese restaurant in the SouthPark area of Charlotte called Baku.  We started dinner with sushi – tuna rolls and salmon/crab rolls (topped with salmon caviar which we both decided to try eating separate from the rolls just to see how they taste – pretty tasteless).  For our main dinner, he ordered the Giant Madagascar Prawn and I ordered the Wild King Salmon, which I enjoyed.  We ordered the Local Sweet Corn as a side (also good).  Overall, Baku offers a great atmosphere for a dinner date or dinner out with friends.  If you plan to go on a Saturday night, you might want to make a reservation, because there was a nice crowd and no empty tables.  Luckily, we were seated near a TV where we could watch the end of the Colts/Chiefs playoff game and the first half of the Saints/Eagles playoff game.  We left just before halftime and made it back home to see the second half and my New Orleans Saints win the road playoff game against the Eagles!  Overall, it was a great date night.  Thanks, Marshalls!  


Tamara Marbury