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3 Sep

BET’s The Game – Episode 620 (Season Finale)

Here's the recap for BET's The Game Episode 620 (Season Finale):

  • Malik is on a stretcher and rolled into the ER and into the operating room.  Tee-Tee, Jason, Keira, and Blue are there.
  • Keira says she just heard on the radio that he got beat.  She tells the officer what she knows about Franco.  Blue tells the officer that she's had a rough night and asks if he can give her a second.  Blue tells her that Malik will be fine.  She tells him that she thought it was him who got jumped.  
  • Tasha is at the restaurant talking with her Dad.  He says to go ahead and let her deadbeat Dad have it.  She tells him that her therapist told her to let go of her past and he is her past.  She says she had so many negative feelings about him that it hasn't allowed her to trust anybody.  She says that she forgives him.  He says that in the spirit of moving on and letting the past go, he forgives her too.  She says for what and he says for being a terrible daughter.  She asks how was she supposed to be a terrible daughter when she never had a daddy.  He says she knew where he lived and never visited or sent a card.  He says a relationship is a two-way street.  He says at least his grandson found his way to his house.  She says he was a passive-aggressive alcoholic.  He says she ought to thank him for Malik.  She says he's not going to get any credit for hers or Malik's life.  She says he gets no love.
  • Keira's female co-star arrives and Keira says that she didn't have to and then asks if she did an interview outside.  She says of course.  Jason says he doesn't deal with death very well and Tee-Tee says he isn't dead.  Jason says hope for the best but prepare for the worst.  Chardonnay arrives and says she thought it was Jason, because if any Saber deserves a beatdown it's him.  Jason says no, that's Malik.  Chardonnay says there's a lot they need to talk about.  Jason gives Chardonnay his jacket. The officer comes and asks for Jason's statement.  Jason tells Chardonnay to take some sugar packets from the hospital. Chardonnay finds the note that he wrote Kelly in his jacket pocket and leaves.  
  • The doctor comes out and asks if they are Malik's next of kin because he has an update.  They say his Mom isn't there and he tells them to let him know when she arrives.  He recognizes Keira and she gets him to tell them that he is out of surgery.  
  • Tasha says she's done and he says be done.  She sees Malik on the news and runs out.  Her Dad runs out after her.
  • Keira says she owes Blue an explanation and he says what is there to understand.  He says they smashed.  She says it was the night he brought Ciara to the photo shoot.  She says it is what it is.  He says tonight has been emotional and he doesn't want to lose her.  Blue asks where's Chardonnay and Jason says she left him again.  Keira says he should go after her and Jason says he thought about it, but thought he should be there when Malik dies.  Jason says he's a terrible husband.  Blue says underneath it all, he loves his wife and they need to stick it out.  Jason tells him that sometimes you need to know when to throw in the towel.  Tasha arrives and asks where is her son.
  • Tasha prays for the Lord to spare her son.  She says He allowed them to escape the hood and says if it's not in His plan to save Malik then just take her.  Her Dad prays and says there's a lot that he wishes that he had done different and if He has to take anyone spare his grandson and his daughter and take him.  She says she agrees with that.  Malik says please take both of them so he can get some sleep.  His grandfather says he looks as handsome as ever even with the tubes and the diaper on his butt.  Malik asks if they are really both together in the same room and Tasha says yes.  He says he has died and gone to Hell.  Tasha goes out and tells everyone he's awake and will be ok.  Blue tells Jason life is too short and to go and get his girl. Jason hugs Tasha and goes out to the car.  Chardonnay asks how did he know she was still there and he says he GPS'd her. She says she read the letter he wrote Kelly and she knew he still had feelings for Kelly.  Chardonnay says she can never fill Kelly's shoes.  He asks her if she checked the other pocket.  He tells her to read that letter.  He wrote a letter to Chardonnay and says he loves her and living without her is something that he can't do and he would do anything to stay married to her.  He asks her to give him another chance to be the husband she deserves.  He signs it "Former Football Player."  He asks if they are back together.  Chardonnay leans over and kisses him.  He asks if that's a yes.  
  • Keira tells Blue that she is going to head out and Blue says he's going to go too.  Keira says she's going to go on her own. Blue says he thought they were cool and asks what's the problem.  She says today has been very emotional and they keep getting in each other's way.  He came to be a big football player and she's trying to resurrect her career.  She says they should focus on their careers.  She tells him good night and good luck.  Malik's grandfather is reminiscing about when Malik was little.  The doctor comes in and says he thought he told them family members only.  The doctor says Malik has chlamydia.  He says he is very lucky and there is no sign on brain damage.  He says the damage to his arm is serious.  He says he'll probably have limited mobility in his arm.  Malik asks if he's talking a week or a month.  The doctor says he may never regain full use.  Malik says that's his throwing arm and he's a quarterback.  The doctor says he's sorry.  

What did you think of the Season Finale?  It was a little less intense than I expected it to be, but I'm glad that Malik did not die.  I guess we'll see what he does with his life post-football or whether he's able to rehab and get back in The Game.



Tamara Marbury
  • Jo Beamer

    It was a good finale, not epic, but good. A few suprises to keep us guessing for Season 7. Very disappointed though in Keira's reaction to Blue. I'm trying to follow their back and forth relationship, but it's getting played out, maybe they do need to break up. Big hopes for Season 7.

    September 3, 2013 at 11:58 pm
  • Bobbie

    the season finale was "ok"…I tuned back into see Kiera & Blue and they are working my nerves all the back and forth. I'm glad that Malik didn't die off…and why is Tee-Tee looking good to me last night? lol

    September 4, 2013 at 7:38 am
  • Susan

    Awesome Recap!

    I want Blue and Kiera to split up; the writers need to rework their characters into the family from a different angle.  Their fling was a lil' too much for the first season.  I'm glad Tasha was able to start her healing process; it may help those who are watching.  From your recap, I liked the season finale; it will keep you guessing for 7.

    September 4, 2013 at 9:32 am
  • Karen

    My friends and  I were quite disappointed with this season finale. It was quite predictable and boring. Lacked excitement and the previews hyped you up for nothing. All I can say is team "Melanie and Derwin"!!!!

    September 4, 2013 at 10:04 pm
  • Adora Donald

    What is the song playing when Jason and Chardonnay were in the car and she was reading a letter that Jason wrote. Thanks

    September 11, 2013 at 12:10 am
  • Tanya

    I was surprised with the out come but confused why malik next of kin was not notified first. Why was everyone there but his mother. I would have loved to see tasha and her father to have been the first ones there comforting each other. Above all tasha being by her son side like always. I like jason and chardonnay but just not as a couple. I never understood why they even stayed married. They just do not make a good or bad couple. I liked jason and kelly 1000% better. Looking forward to next season!!!!

    September 15, 2013 at 8:51 am
  • Sharon

    Bullshit lame can we say cancel this shit not the same without Melanie & Derwin

    October 17, 2013 at 11:40 pm
  • Libbey Bryson

    I love the song playing in the background when chardonnay and jason are talking in car after she reads his letter to her. Excellent song! Wish I knew the artist cause it is a very catchy song.

    March 6, 2014 at 7:06 pm