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21 Aug

Russell Wilson Featured In GQ Magazine (September 2013)

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson is featured in the style section of the September issue of GQ magazine.  Here are a few things from the interview that stood out:

  • His teammates mock him for his affordable suits.  His response?  "When you're a rookie and you're a third-round pick, you've got to be smart with your money.  I'd rather wear a hundred-dollar suit than go bankrupt."  [To which I say, if the suit looks good, look good on him, and doesn’t look cheap, leave the man alone.]
  • Russell used to bite people until about sixth grade. [Oh, you were that kid.]
  • He's spent no time thinking about the loss to the Atlanta Falcons in the playoffs.  [Like, none?  I guess I can understand that. He can’t change what happened, so thinking about it would probably drive him crazy.  Sometimes you just have to let it go.]

Russell Wilson GQ

I'm pretty excited to see what Russell Wilson will do this season and I hope to catch him and the Seahawks when they come to Charlotte to play the Carolina Panthers.


Russell Wilson GQ

Russell Wilson GQ 4

Russell Wilson GQ 5


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