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20 Aug

BET’s The Game – Episode 618

Here's the recap for this week's BET's The Game (Episode 618):

  • Tasha goes to see a therapist who Kelly Pitts used to see.  She tells him that Kelly is now living in Paris.  She says she has no one else to talk to and tells him to fix her.
  • Tasha is laying on his couch and asks him when he's going to start fixing.  She says her name is LaTasha, but she dropped the La, because everyone in Richmond is named La something.  She promised herself if she ever got out of Richmond she would leave the La behind.  He tells her that she can't come in demanding therapy.  He tells her therapy takes time and it's not a quick fix.  He says that they need to explore the root of her problems.  Tasha says there's one problem – a relationship problem.  He asks her to elaborate on her relationship issue.  She says she recently broke up with her boyfriend, Rick Fox, or he technically broke up with her.  She says she got him caught up in a love triangle.  He asks if she's ever had a problem being faithful.  Tasha says no.  She says she's had other issues in her relationships.  He tells her to start from the beginning. She says her baby's daddy always thought he was too good for her.  She mentions that Malik is her son and he asks why is it important to her for him to know she gave birth to an all-star quarterback.  He asks if she was a regular black woman before giving birth to Malik.  She says never that.  As her teen self, she says she would have been ok without Malik and probably would have gotten into a good school and made something of herself anyway.  He asks her what happened relationship-wise after Chauncey. Tasha takes him through her past relationships.  He says it seems like she's had an adventurous love life.  He asks her if talking loud and violence gets her what she wants.  She says she doesn't just blend into the background and no one will make her feel ashamed of that.  She says she accepts herself without reservation.  Malik bursts in and brings Tasha lunch.  He introduces himself to Malik.  He asks Malik if he knows he's the only football player in history with the same number of championship rings and arrests.  He asks how is it that he has time to bring his mom lunch in the middle of the season.  Malik and Tasha get into it and he kisses her on the head and says he'll see her at home.  The therapist asks if they live together and they say they live on different floors in the same hotel.  The therapist asks him to have a seat and says they may be on the verge of a breakthrough.  
  • Tasha and Malik are eating dinner and the therapist says they could have taken a dinner break.  Tasha says she paid for an all-day session.  He says they could have at least bought him something.  He says he may have identified an unhealthy co-dependent relationship between them.  He says it's understandable why they should be dependent on each other.  He says in some ways, Malik has taken on the role of the man in Tasha's life.  He asks Malik why he thinks she has such a hard time in relationships.  As his kid self, Malik says he thinks it's because she's mean, is a bully, and belittles the men in her life.  She says she's going to kill him.  The therapist says he can't express himself because he's afraid she'll react like that.  She says they are in cahoots and she's out and leaves.  She asks the receptionist if she has any kids.  She calls Malik ungrateful.  He says he's pushed back a little so he can gain his independence, but he's not ungrateful.  He says all his life he's done what she's wanted.  The therapist says to the world he seems strong and asks why he isn't like that with him Mom.  He says she's his Mom and she needs to know that someone loves her.  The therapist says he can be her codependent replacement husband the rest of his life or he can grow up and let her grow up too.  
  • The therapist tells Malik that he's drawn to needy women because he's comfortable being needed.  He says he met Reese an independent woman and let her walk out of his life to save Tori.  He says he has to break this cycle and grow up.  He says his eyes are open and he's cured.  The therapist says cured might be premature.  Malik again says he's cured and leaves.  Tasha calls him trifling for leaving her alone out there.  The therapist says he is not her protector.  She says she acts the way she does with him because no one wanted her to have Malik and she fought every second for herself and him.  She says she has everything, but she feels like she let herself down by getting pregnant.  She says Malik didn't need to know any of that.  Malik says it's ok and the therapist is going to help her be ok and he loves her.  The therapist says that the point was that she face her truths and she has issues accepting herself and maybe this limited her in relationships outside of herself.  Tasha cries.  

What did you think of this episode?  It was a little different because it only focused on Tasha and Malik.  Do you think Tasha will be able to have a normal relationship after therapy?



Tamara Marbury
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  • Susan

    Great Job T!  I liked this episode a lot.  We learn of what and who contributed to Tasha Mac being Tasha Mac!!!

    August 21, 2013 at 2:06 pm
  • Tay

    Just finish watching the show…loved it! The therapy scene was awesome! May have helped some of your viewers. Question, is Malik's character leving the show?

    August 28, 2013 at 1:35 am
  • Rita RBowles

    I want to know is Malik's character leaving the show? Because Malik is a super actor; and he is what gives the show it's flavor. The show is The Game and not just football; Malik has a lot of "GAME" even when he is serious he has game. Can't lose that.  Because this character is exposing alot of men that need to GRow Up around this Country.  And take serious their lives and the people that LOVAE them.  Please say it's not so.  Malik is the JR EWING of this era.  People love to hate him.  Because he expose the truth.  Peace!

    August 31, 2013 at 9:12 am
  • Jeanette

    Please don't let Malik leave the show.

    September 3, 2013 at 11:24 am