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3 Jun

Interview – Cam Newton Showcases MADE Cam Newton At Belk

Belk Customers and Carolina Panthers fans were waiting for the doors of the store to open Saturday morning hoping to get the chance to meet their superstar quarterback, Cam Newton.  I had the opportunity to spend Saturday afternoon with Cam as he showcased his clothing line, MADE Cam Newton at Belk Southpark in Charlotte.  We spent a few minutes chatting before he headed downstairs to greet his fans.


Tamara:  What’s your favorite piece in the line?


Cam: [My] favorite piece would have to be the suit combinations.  You know, I think this line was built off of mix and match mentality so if you were to have a favorite pair of slacks, a favorite pair of jeans, a favorite Polo shirt…I’m not saying go out and get MADE this, MADE that, MADE this, MADE that (thinks)..I am, but I think you can look good mixing and matching a pair of slacks with a MADE sportcoat or MADE slacks with your favorite sportcoat.


Tamara:  Is there a particular athlete or celebrity other than yourself that you would like to see wearing MADE?


Cam:  Umm (thinks)… it’s not a specific athlete.  I think that’s just the competitive nature in me just to see people wearing it.  That’s one thing that I had to make known.  Like, I don’t want to create a clothing line that’s not going to be cool or not what people want to wear, you know.  So for anybody to wear it, that will be ok with me.


Tamara:  What can we look forward to in the fall line?


Cam:  A lot of things!  One thing that I know for sure will be shoes.  So, I’m pretty sure that you are fond of shoes being a female and a lot of guys have a [thing] for shoes as well.


Tamara:  Speaking of women, can we expect to see women’s apparel anytime soon?


Cam:  I’m not saying we’re not working on it, but it’s something we’ll work on in the future.  But let’s master the craft of men’s first.


Tamara:  What’s your favorite piece in your own closet?


Cam:  My favorite piece? Sportcoats.  Different colors of sportcoats.  I think nowadays with fashion, especially in a professional realm, with NBA, MLB, NFL, no longer are the guys wearing things to fit in and be somewhat of a corporate suit and tie type of guy.  They are wearing things to stand out and that’s going to get them noticed and be comfortable as well.


Tamara:  What is one thing that a woman can wear to grab your attention?


Cam:  Shoes!  I’m big on shoes.  I’m always with my Mom and [that’s] one thing that I first look at no matter what dress she wears, and me growing up in the church, hats were something that had to be top notch.


Tamara:  Absolutely.


Cam:  So, from the shoes, it went to the hat, and then to the dress, rather than the dress, then the shoes, then the hat.  I think it takes a special person to fit the little things about an outfit that makes everything look good.


Tamara:  Thank you so much.


Cam:  You’re welcome.


Cam Newton Belk Event 9

Meet Cam Newton


Cam Newton Belk Event 1

Making our way downstairs to greet Belk customers and fans


Cam Newton Belk Event 2

Cam Newton stops briefly to talk to some young fans


Cam Newton Belk Event 3

Introducing Cam Newton


Cam Newton Belk Event 5

Cam Newton asking the crowd to sing Happy Birthday to a young fan


Cam Newton Belk Event 6

Cam Newton chatting with a young fan


Cam Newton Belk Event 8

Cam Newton leaving the Belk autograph signing


Me and Cam Newton Post Interview

Post Interview photo with Cam Newton (How tall is Cam Newton?  This tall.  Oops!)

Tamara Marbury
  • Kela

    Well done, T! Loved it!

    June 3, 2013 at 1:59 pm
  • YUMMommy

    I love that he's turning out to be so much better than everyone thought he would be.  I remember when there was first talk of him coming to Charlotte, a lot of people here got their panties up in a bunch because they had this image of him being some thugged out Black kid.  I'm very happy for his success and that he's taking the time to expand his brand beyond the football field!  Great interview.

    June 3, 2013 at 9:12 pm
  • Baby Shopaholic

    Congrats on this interview! Cam is so fine! I would have been mackin! How did they cut his face off in the picture? Did you get the didgits? 

    June 4, 2013 at 9:57 am
  • FabEllis

    Whew!  He is fine.  Congratulations on such a great opportunity!

    June 4, 2013 at 1:45 pm
  • Erin B.

    Good Lord that man is handsome. I Would've been so thirsty at this event, so kudos to you for keeping it professional!

    June 6, 2013 at 2:02 pm