My Christmas Wish List (2012)

by Tamara on December 10, 2012

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It is that time of year again!  Can you believe that it is December already??  This year FLEW by and I can't wait to recap the year in my end-of-year post, but first, we must talk about Christmas.  While I have not bought a single gift nor have I decided what I'm going to give the people on my list, I have thought about what I want for Christmas (a little selfish, huh?).  I've already shared with you the items that are on what I call "My Saints Wish List."  Now, I want to share the other items that are on my wish list.




Pink Beats Solo HD Headphones

1. Pink Beats headphones. I listen to my pink iPod Nano a lot, because I'm a podcast junkie. I've used earbuds for years and I know they are not good for my hearing, so I'm willing to start wearing headphones if I can get these pink Beats. My eardrums thank you (you being whoever is going to give these to me for Chritsmas) in advance.


ESPN The Magazine subscription

2.  ESPN The Magazine Subscription.  I have subscriptions to several magazines – Glamour, In Style, Essence, Marie Claire, People, Lucky.  Notice that none of these are sports magazines.  As much as I say I'm behind in reading my magazines, I do love reading them, so I think it's time to add a little Blitz to all of these Glam magazines.  I sometimes pick it up on the newsstand, which is ridiculous, because for the price of 2.5 magazines on the newsstand I could have a whole year subscription.

Free flights

3.  Free flights.  Look.  I've been flying a lot the last few months and I expect 2013 to be just as busy.  I've got places to go and people to see and I could use an airline sponsor, but since I don't have one, how about hooking me up with a few flights? 



Jimmy Choo Rania M


 4.  Jimmy Choo Rania M.  I love a classic, not too jazzy, handbag and this one has my name written all over it.  Isn't it gorgeous?


Macbook Pro

5.  Macbook Pro.  I just feel like this would change my (blogging) life.  For real.


So, what's on your Christmas Wish List?