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6 Jul

Pinspiration: Game Day Ticket Drop Box

A couple of nights ago I was pinning and ran across an image that caught my interest.  I usually get lots of style inspiration from Pinterest, but this pin was not style related.  It was a photo of a shadow box with the words "Admit One" inside along with football game tickets.  I thought, "What a great idea!"  I'm one of those people who keeps tickets from events that I've attended, and before digital photos became the way of life, I would usually stick them in a photo album along with photos from the event.  Well, since I haven't printed a photo in years, I've just been sticking them inside my photo album…no, literally sticking them inside the photo album without actually placing them inside the sheets. 


I think this shadow box is a cute way to collect your ticket stubs and watch it fill up over time and much like a time capsule, it will be fun to open it one day years from now and look back over all of the games that I've attended.  And like a piggy bank, it has a slit at the top for you to just drop your tickets in after each event. 


Source: foursided.com via Tamara on Pinterest



What do you do with your Game Day tickets?  Be sure to click on my name just below the shadow box photo or go to the right sidebar and follow me on Pinterest.

Tamara Marbury
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