BET’s The Game – Episode 522 (Season Finale)

by Tamara on June 5, 2012

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Here's the recap of the season finale of BET's The Game:

  • It's the Championship Game.  The police pull up to the stadium and let Malik and Jenna out of the car.  Pookie gets a text that Malik made it to the game and let's Tasha know.  Melanie and Rick Fox are watching at the airport. 
  • Melanie is cheering for Derwin in the airport.  Rick asks Melanie if she has a family emergency.  She tells him that she's on her way to Johns Hopkins.  She says that Derwin doesn't understand why she needs this.  She tells him he's taking Derwin's side.  He said no, but that he understands because he was an athlete and knows what it's like to look up in the stands and see your woman.  He says that he and Tasha broke up because he said that he was going to do Dancing With the Stars and all Tasha heard was that he was leaving her for something better.  He says she's has abandonment issues.  He says that sometimes the decisions we make negatively affect others and she has to decide if she is ok with that. 
  • Chardonnay is on the bus and the driver misses her stop. 
  • The San Diego Sabers win the championship and the team is celebrating.  Derwin sees Melanie and they hug and kiss.
  • Chardonnay goes off on the driver.  He says that he's just following orders.  She sees Jason standing outside when the bus stops and she asks him if he had anything to do with this.  He says yes.  She goes off on him and he tells her to look at the shop behind him (it says Spadonnay).  He says that it all made sense in his head.  She asks if it's really Spadonnay and he says yes.  She says she doesn't know how she's going to repay him.  He says with 50% ownership, because that's the law in California.  She says that's only if they stay married and if he's asking her to stay married.  He says no and that he's proposing to her.  She tells him that she loves him and he says that he loves her too. 
  • Pookie told Tasha they can celebrate with Malik tomorrow. Tasha says that she can't let him down since she already missed the game. Pookie says that they have to take care of her. Tasha says that she prayed to God to send her a man who would take care of her when she was sick and hold her hand. She says that Pookie is everything that she prayed for.
  • Everyone is at the bar and Jenna is drinking and wanting to dance. Malik gets up and takes her out. Melanie says that it's a disease. Jason and Chardonnay tell everyone that they are staying married. Melanie tells Derwin that she still plans to catch her flight. Derwin asks Melanie if he can talk to her for a second. He asks her if she's kidding him. She said that she is sorry if she gave him the impression that she was staying. Derwin says that her being here was a lie. Melanie tells him that she supported him when he had away games when he couldn't hear her cheering and she had nothing to gain from it. She says that she needs him to support her now. He tells her to have a safe flight.
  • Malik takes Jenna back to rehab and tells her that she is sick. Malik tells her that he loves her enough to know that he can't save her and that she has to save herself. He tells her that he hopes that she stays long enough this time for it to work for her. He says that they both know this relationship is not going to work. He kisses her and tells her that he loves her.
  • Jason and Chardonnay burn up the annulment papers.
  • Melanie is sitting in the airport. Derwin calls and asks if she's really leaving. She says she is and it doesn't mean that she doesn't love him, because she does. She says that she can't keep floating along with this nagging emptiness. Derwin shows up. He says that he wants to apologize to her and that it took him a while to get it. He is going with her since his schedule is now open and will be on the sidelines cheering for his wife. He kisses her and tells her that he loves her.
  • Tasha and Pookie are lying in bed asleep and Tasha's phone rings and it's Rick Fox, but Tasha doesn't wake up.
  • Malik tells his assistant to get consent forms for sex, security cameras installed, a personal chef and a personal trainer. He says that after the parade it's back to training. She asks if there is anything else and then straddles him.

So, what do you think?  Are you going to miss Derwin and Melanie (I will definitely miss seeing Derwin *smile*).  Do you think that they plan to make Jason and Chardonnay the new focus of the show?  How do you feel about Malik going back to his old ways?  And is Tasha pregnant or what?  Will you be watching next season?