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14 May

Top 4 NFL Teams on Pinterest

Are you on Pinterest?  If you follow me on Twitter (you are following me, right?), then you know that I'm addicted to Pinterest.  Addicted.  I absolutely love looking at images of style, art, beauty, homes, products, and quotes, so to be able to share those images is so much fun.  Honestly, I think that I'm one of the best people to follow on Pinterest. I'm just saying.  *smile*  I follow some pretty good people, brands, and yes, sports teams on Pinterest as well.  I follow all of the NFL teams that are on Pinterest and I've noticed that there are some teams that really get Pinterest.  These teams have gone beyond merely pinning apparel and products with their team's logo, but have created unique boards and have put thought into the images that they want to share with their followers.  Here are the top 4 NFL teams on Pinterest (I REALLY wanted to do a Top 5, but these 4 teams have set the standard very high):


4.  San Diego Chargers – The San Diego Chargers have the fewest number of pins of the teams that made this list, but I see a lot of pinning potential in the few pins that they do have.  They aren't bombarding their followers with a lot of images of officially licensed Chargers products.  In fact, their "Charger Chic" board alone put them in the top 4 (they had me at "Sometimes you just can't wear a jersey.")   


3. Dallas Cowboys – The Dallas Cowboys come in at #3, because they are a pinning machine. At the time of publication, they had almost 400 pins on 17 boards – more than any other team. They are giving their followers cheerleaders, food, style, stadium, fans, kids, current and former players, and players' off-the-field fashion. Oh.  Did I mention that the description for their ShopCowboys-Women's board is "Support your team in style!"?  Hmm, I wonder where they got that from?  (See Support Your Team In Style.)


2.  Minnesota Vikings – The Minnesota Vikings have got their fans covered.  Need to decorate a bedroom?  Pinned it.  Need some Game Day style inspiration?  Pinned that too.  Hosting a game day party and want to make some Vikings-inspired cocktails and treats?  No problem.  They've pinned that too.  By far the funniest Vikings picture is the Jared Allen Vikings baby on their Lil' Vikings board.


1.  Jacksonville Jaguars – The Jacksonville Jaguars are winning when it comes to Pinterest.  They have really impressed me with the quality of their pins that I can't wait to see what they will pin next.  (I just have to know what the inside of the home with the team and black door looks like.  Love it!)   


An Honorable Mention goes to all of the other teams that are on Pinterest (but take a look at the types of pins of the teams mentioned above and also note the quality of their pins):

To the other teams that are not on Pinterest, what are you waiting for?  According to Mashable.com, Pinterest is now the number 3 most-popular social media network in the U.S.  If you don't know what Pinterest is, how to get started, or what you should be pinning for your team or if you want to step your Pinterest game up for your team or brand, contact me and I will help you get started or point you in the right direction.  Happy Pinning!


Tamara Marbury
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