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29 May

BET’s The Game – Episode 521

Here's the recap for this week's episode of BET's The Game:

  • It's media day for the San Diego Sabers.  Tasha and Pookie are there and Tasha is complaining about her stomach.  Melanie arrives late as Media Day is ending and Derwin is upset about it.
  • Melanie and Derwin are home and Melanie is checking on a flight back to DC on Sunday after the Championship game.  She tells him that she will have to leave right after the game though.  She tells him that he shouldn't be mad about Media Day, because technically she wasn't late since there were still 3 hours left of Media Day.  He says that the last Championship game he couldn't play because he was injured.  He asks her how he's supposed to concentrate with her doing a lot of back and forth.  He tells her that if she can't be there for him completely then just be done. 
  • Jason takes a call from Kelly and tells her that he has to talk to her about something important.  Jason arrives at Chardonnay's place and she's dressed in a leather outfit with a whip.  He tells her that they need to talk.  She asks him if he's going to tell her that he's white.  He says no, he's not white, but that they need to break up.  She thinks it's a joke, but he says that he can't do it anymore.  She asks if it's because she didn't tell him that she loves him.  He says that he isn't ready to be in a relationship like this and it's too much.  He hands her the annulment papers and leaves.
  • Tasha and Pookie are home because Tasha is in bed sick.  They see on TV that Malik hasn't shown up to the game yet.  Malik is picking Jenna up as she's being released from rehab.  He tells her that he needs her in the skybox cheering for him.  His phone buzzes and she questions him about the chick.  He says that he wouldn't have driven all the way there to pick her up and risk being late for the game if he didn't care about her.  He tells her that he slept with a few women after she gave him permission.  She takes his keys and throws them in the field. 
  • Melanie arrives at Tasha's and tells her that she looks awful.  Melanie starts to tell her about her problems with Derwin and Tasha tells her that she doesn't want to here about it because she has her own problems.  Tasha tells Melanie to stop bringing trouble into her relationship and that her number 1 job is to be there for Derwin.  Melanie says that she wants a husband, baby, and a career. 
  • Chardonnay is at work and one of the customers complains about her and she gets fired.  She knocks over glasses on her way out. 
  • Pookie and Tasha are getting ready to go to the game and Tasha has on a hoodie and a hat.  He tells her that she should sit this one out, because she's contagious.  Tasha throws up right in front of Pookie, before running off to the bathroom.
  • Melanie is in the airport typing a letter to Derwin and Rick Fox shows up and asks her why she isn't at the game.
  • Malik and Jenna are in the field looking for the the keys.  They find them and engage in tug-of-war over the keys and Malik gets arrested. 


Tamara Marbury
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