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15 May

BET’s The Game – Episode 519

Before we jump into the recap of this week's episode of BET's The Game, I do want to mention the latest info swirling around regarding one of the main characters:



What are your thoughts about this?  Will you continue to watch next season with Melanie gone?  What are your predictions about the direction the show will take next season?


  • Tasha is at a meeting for nymphos.  She tells them that she has had a struggle with sex since high school.  She tells them about her sex life starting from high school through her current situation.  She tells them that she needs help and that she has hit rock bottom.  Tasha says that she's been holding out on her man for the past two weeks.
  • Derwin listens to a message from Melanie that she made it to DC safely and that she really loves him and misses him and can't wait to see him.  He erases the message.  Derwin is at the club with Malik and Tee-Tee.  He says that it is like old times.  Melanie calls him and he lets her call go to voicemail. 
  • Pookie is at Tasha's when she gets home.  He says that he had to come back to see her.  He tries to get close and she avoids him.  Pookie tries to set the mood in the room, but Tasha keeps complaining about everything.  He finally asks her why she's acting distant and if she is trying to avoid him.  She says no.  She then tells him that she can't do this and it's a bad idea.  She says that her stomach isn't feeling the best and she just wants to lay down alone. 
  • Derwin is at the field practicing when Malik arrives and he asks him why he's there so early.  He says he's been there since they left the bar.  He says he's got his eye on the prize.  Malik says if he's trying to prove himself to the team, it's ok because no one is sweating that Kwan stuff. 
  • Tasha has the nympho group meet at her house to talk about her man being in town and her struggle to continue abstaining.  Pookie comes back and Tasha asks why he's already back.  He says he brought her soup for her stomach and asks her who the women are.  They say that they are a celibacy support group.  Pookie takes Tasha aside and asks if this is why she's been tripping on him lately.  He says that the concept seems intriguing and asks if he can sit in.  They say it's for women and he says that's discriminatory.  They let him stay. 
  • Derwin and Malik are at the bar.  Melanie calls again and he sends her to voicemail.  He tells Malik that they are in a rough spot right now.  Malik tells him that God put women here to make their lives more difficult.  He says that he's never getting married and Derwin reminds him that he married Robin Givens.  He says that's why he's never getting married again. 
  • Pookie tells the women that all the talk about not giving up the goods isn't helping them at all.  He encourages one woman to stop waiting for her boyfriend to propose and propose to him since she's so empowered.  He tells them all the women are misplacing their anger on someone else when it's all on them.  He tells them that Tasha is scared of opening herself up to get hurt, despite going from relationship to relationship with men she knows she'll never have a future with. 
  • Derwin arrives home and pulls food out of the fridge.  He decides to call Melanie and apologizes for not calling back sooner.  He asks her about DC and they tell each other they miss the other.  He says its not the same without her there.  He asks her what she has in mind about the whole move to DC. 

One final note – it does seem that the last few episodes of this season are setting the scene for both Melanie and Derwin to move to DC (as of today, it is also rumored that Pooch Hall will not be back next season either).  Stay tuned for more information on who will and who won't be back next season! 



Tamara Marbury
  • Ronda

    Tia confirmed on her Twitter she's leaving the show as well. What in the world??? I heard they were both fired (!)

    May 16, 2012 at 7:38 am
  • Optimistic Mom

    WOW!  I really want them to work it all out and live happily ever after. It will be interesting what happens.

    May 16, 2012 at 2:09 pm