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8 May

BET’s The Game – Episode 518

Here's this week's recap of BET's The Game:

  • Tasha finds Malik knocked out and snoring on the floor.  Tasha tells Tee-Tee that she chose herself, but that she's a field slave to her son, her only oppressor.
  • The women are complaining about everything at the Sunbeams meeting and Melanie goes off on them.  She says that she will no longer be Queen Bee of them, a bunch of desperate housewives.  She quits and puts all of them out of her house.
  • Malik tells Tee-Tee that the last thing he remembers is eating his Hawaiian Tropic wings and then he woke up to Tee-Tee slapping him.  Tee-Tee says that the wings might be the gateway to his drinking.  Tee-Tee reminds Malik that in The Hangover the first thing they did was check their pockets for clues.  Malik checks his pockets and finds a $2000 receipt from the bar.  Malik goes to the bar and talks to Chardonnay.  Chardonnay says not to worry about touching her booty last night.  Malik doesn't remember it, but tells her not to tell Jason.  Chardonnay says that he was having a good time with the owner of the Sabers.  She says that he didn't start drinking until after the owner left. 
  • Jason arrives at the bar to see Chardonnay flirting with one of her patrons. 
  • Derwin asks Melanie how she could quit the Sunbeams without discussing it with him.  He says that they are supposed to be a team.  He says she can't air their dirty laundry to the public.  She says that she wants to go back to Johns Hopkins and finish her residency and be a practicing doctor.  He says that his job and son are in San Diego.  She says not for long. 
  • Chardonnay gets home and tries to hug Jason, but he resists.  He brings up her flirting with the guys at the bar.  She says that part of her job is making them feel like they are the most important person in the world.  She tells him if he can't understand that that he can leave.  He leaves.
  • Melanie shows up at Tasha's and tells her that Derwin called her selfish.  Tasha agrees with him.  She says that she's married to a rich, successful, handsome football player, but she finds a way to be unsatisfied.  Melanie asks her why she can't put herself first like Tasha.  Tasha tells her that she will have to give something up if she wants to choose herself. 
  • Melanie reinstates herself as President of the Sunbeams.  One of the women says that she showed her unhappiness, so the other ladies start opening up about what they are unhappy about.  Jazz says that she is unhappy about the man she is with and the one who got away was Derwin.  Tasha admits she's unhappy about her son drinking.
  • Malik and Tee-Tee are still trying to find out what happened to Malik last night.  They turn on the news and see that Kwan will have surgery on his knee and be out the rest of the season.  They say that Malik will be the starting QB the rest of the season.  Malik pours a drink and Tee-Tee tells him that he must have heard the news from the owner last night and he started drinking to numb the pressure.  Tee-Tee asks if he's willing to throw it all away.  Malik decides not to drink it.
  • Jason goes to the bar and announces to the men that Chardonnay is married to him.  The guys leave and Chardonnay says that's $1000 out the door.  Jason says he's going to pay his tab plus give her a tip.  He says that he's also going to get bottle service tonight.  He says that he's just a man who doesn't want other men getting his wife's attention.  She tells him that he's just a man in love.  She says that she heard him tell her that he love her.  He asks if there is anything that she wants to say in return.  She says she will say things in her own time.
  • Derwin comes home and asks Melanie what she's doing.  He says that she's bringing everyone else down and half the guys on the team didn't show up for practice after what happened at the Sunbeams meeting.  Melanie says that her heart wants her to go to Johns Hopkins and as much as she would like him to go and support her, she's willing to go alone.  Derwin brings her a suitcase and says, "I guess you've got to follow your heart" and walks off.


Tamara Marbury
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  • qmastertoo

    Glad they got rid of her. I couldn't bring myself to watch this season

    May 17, 2012 at 5:12 pm

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