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1 May

BET’s The Game – Episode 517

Here is this week's episode of BET's The Game:

  • Tasha and Pookie are laying together looking at the stars on her ceiling and reminiscing, when Melanie knocks on the door interrupting them.  Tasha answers the door and Melanie tells Tasha that Derwin said that she can have their baby.  Tasha "shushes" her.  Tasha is about to pour herself a drink when Melanie tells her that she has to go cold turkey.  She also says that she's going to bring her prenatal vitamins tomorrow.  Melanie hands her a list of all the foods that she should avoid while trying to conceive.  Melanie leaves and Pookie comes out.  Tasha sends him back in the room.
  • Jason and Chardonnay are watching TV when the lights go out.  Chardonnay says that they probably just turned off her electricity because her check at the bar was a little light this month.  She said that she chose to put her money into her Spa-donnay account instead of paying the bill.  Jason says it's a spa that's never going to happen.  He offers to give her the money for the bill.  He says that he can't have his lady living in the dark.  She says that it's a loan. 
  • Tasha and Tee-Tee are at the bar.  She tells him that she's gotten herself into a pickle and wants to know how she can tell Pookie that she's going to be a surrogate for Derwin and Melanie.  He says Pookie is a real man and he won't understand her renting out her womb like a timeshare.  Tee-Tee tells her that it's time that she choose herself and to call them and tell them that she isn't going through with it because she wants a chance with Pookie.
  • Jason arrives at Chardonnay's place as she's doing someone's hair.  She gives Jason a check for the money he gave her with interest.  He jokes about the check not bouncing.  He wants to take her out to dinner, but she says that she has to finish doing the hair.
  • Pookie arrives at Tasha's and says that they should go to the observatory to look at the stars.  She tells him that she kind of got herself into something before he arrived.  He assumes that she means another man.  He says that he's good.  Tasha asks why do they always have such horrible timing. 
  • Jason is riding with Malik and Malik tells Jason that he hurt him.  He said he kicked him when he was down, so him screwing with Jason was just his attempt to get back at him.  Malik asks Jason if that's his girl standing at the bus stop.  Jason ducks so she can't see him and they drive off. 
  • Derwin and Melanie are at the doctor's office with Tasha as she is about to be examined.  The doctor says that they have a viable embryo and they are going to plant it in Tasha's uterus.  Melanie thanks Tasha for giving her everything that she ever wanted.  Tasha gets a message on her phone from Pookie.  Tasha gets up and says that she can't do this and for once in her life she has to choose herself. 
  • Jason and Chardonnay are having dinner at her place.  He says that he got her something and hands her a little blue box.  She gets excited.  She opens it to find car keys.  She says that she can't accept it.  She says that she's good with her bus pass.  She says that he's embarrassed because she rides the bus.  He says yes, it's the bus.  She says who cares and he says that he cares because she's Jason Pitts girl and his girl can't ride the bus.  He asks her to let him take care of her for once.  She says that's actually nice. 
  • Derwin and Melanie arrive home and he says that they hit a bump in the road.  He says that he wasn't sold on IVF anyway.  Melanie says she's done.  Melanie tells Derwin that she's not happy.  He suggests that they look into adoption.  Melanie says no, that she's not happy with her life.  She says that she feels like a part of her is missing, ever since she turned down Johns Hopkins.  She says first it was Sunbeams, then trying to manage his career, and now the baby.  She says that she feels empty.  He tells her it's ok, that she's had a long day.  He tells her to go upstairs and run some bath water and that it will be ok tomorrow. 
  • Jason is riding the bus with Chardonnay.  He asks her if he can please give her a used washer and dryer.  He tells her that he loves her.  She kisses him on the cheek.  Tasha arrives at Pookie's and tells him that she has decided to choose herself, which means that she chooses him.  He asks her about the other guy and she tells him that there is no one else.  They kiss.

Tamara Marbury
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