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11 Apr

Game Day Glam – Maternity Wear

Recently I was doing a little online browsing for college apparel when I came across the cutest piece ever…that I can't wear.  I know, I know.  You're wondering, "Well, if it's so cute, why can't you wear it?"  Is it because it's the wrong school? No.  It doesn't come in my size?  Getting a little warmer.  It's because it's maternity wear.  How cute is this tank?  Can't you just imagine a little Cam in there? Ok, that just made my ovaries hurt.  Or a little Tom or Aaron or Drew?  Look at those little handprints!*  If one of my married friends gets pregnant and it's a boy, I'm totally making her wear this tank. 


Who says that you can't look fabulous and support your team in style while pregnant?  You can grab your school's tank (and other maternity wear) just in time for summer at FootballFanatics.com.


*This is probably the only time you'll see me get this excited about maternity wear, so mark this date. 


Tamara Marbury
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