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21 Mar

Jessica Simpson Poses Nude For Elle Magazine

By now, we all know that Jessica Simpson is pregnant and engaged to former NFL player, Eric Johnson.  Jessica recently revealed the sex of their baby to Elle magazine when she referred to the baby as "she." 



On hopes for her daughter's sense of style:  "“Ah swear, ah will croak if she asks me for a pair of Nikes instead of Christian Louboutins!  Eric is so athletic. We’re gonna have this ath-a-letic girl and I won’t even be able to take her shopping.”  (emphasis on her Southern accent)



I love when women do nude pregnancy photos.  I think that Jessica looks gorgeous.   



The other thing that stood out in these photos besides Jessica's belly is the jewelry.  This yellow sapphire ring has made its way to my ever-growing wish list. 



Tamara Marbury
1 Comment
  • Artney

    She looks beautiful!!!

    March 22, 2012 at 2:39 pm