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14 Feb

BET’s The Game – Episode 507

Here's the recap of episode 507 of BET's The Game:

  • Star Jones interviews Malik about living in a hotel and his old home.  Malik says that building his old home and losing it have been a blessing.  Melanie and Derwin watch at home and Melanie boos them.  Star asks Malik about his shoulder injury and if he is concerned about the number of wins Quan has and if the Sabres will want him back.  Tasha guarantees that he will be back on the field playing for the Sabres.
  • Melanie asks Derwin if he's coming to bed.  Derwin gets a call from Malik and Derwin asks why he's calling because Mel will be mad if she finds out he's talking to him.  Mel enters the room and asks who he is talking to and Derwin says his Gram. 
  • Derwin, Malik, and Tee-Tee are hanging out in the stadium.  Malik says he can throw the ball and hit a post.  He makes it and it's caught on video.  The video becomes a You Tube hit and goes viral.  Derwin asks Malik if it gets him hype that the fans are behind him.  Derwin says that they lost the last game because of Quan.  They start joking on Quan and say he's like an R&B singer and begin singing and dancing.  Mel comes in and catches them hanging out and is upset about it.  Mel asks Derwin how could he hang out with him, because they are supposed to hate each other.  Derwin says he needs Malik and Quan is out of control.  Derwin says Malik is right and she needs to make up with Tasha.  Mel says it's because of him wanting her to do all of his dirty work that she can't talk to Tasha.  Derwin says women haven't mastered interpersonal relationships.  Mel says that she thinks Derwin is using Malik and Derwin says yes, but this is how they can become friends again. 
  • Malik tells Tasha he is back.  Tasha says she saw the video and asks if that's Derwin in the video and asks how could he.  Tasha says him being hugged up with Derwin is not helping her.  Malik asks Tasha if she read what they are saying about him.  Tasha likes the comments she reads.  Tasha calls Kristin and says she needs the video to go mega-viral and the campaign should be WMD – What Malik Doin'. 
  • Tee-Tee goes to the bar and meets Melanie.  She apologizes for being standoffish lately and says she has a lot going on.  Tee-Tee hushes her.  She says she needs him and he says he needs her too.  Mel corrects him and says that's not what she wants.  She wants him to help smooth things over between her and Tasha.  Tee-Tee gets upset because he thought she wanted him.  He says fine, he'll help.
  • Derwin and Quan have words before the game.  Irv shows up to give Derwin press prep because he's been fielding calls about the video.  Irv says he doesn't want to risk Derwin's imagine so he just needs to say no comment to the press.  Derwin ends up telling the press Malik is still an MVP quarterback. 
  • Tee-Tee and Tasha are at the game and Mel arrives.  Tee-Tee has Mel sit with him and tells them it's time to let bygones be bygones.  Mel says they found each other in this world and they've been there for each other.  Mel says they were a team.  Tasha says they were never a team.  Mel says she is trying.  Mel says they are family.  Tasha tells Mel she doesn't have family and leaves.  Tee-Tee gets up and leaves too because he said Tasha has made it clear that she's rolling with family and Mel has already made it clear she's not smashing.
  • Derwin tells Malik they lost because of Quan.  Tasha shows up and says to listen.  The crowd is chanting for Malik.  The team owner wants to see them.  Derwin says this is it and Malik is back.  They meet with the owner and he says the board isn't happy that the last two games didn't end well.  Tasha says no one is saying Quan isn't good, just that he isn't ready.  She says Malik brought two championships to the team and he's ready.  The owner calls Malik a bastard and Irv then tries to get him and Derwin out of this.  The owner says no Derwin wanted to be in it, so he's in it.  Quan comes in and misquotes what Derwin said about Malik needing to be quarterback again.  The owner says Quan is the starting quarterback, Malik is benched, and Derwin is on notice.  Afterwards, Mel asks how it went and Derwin says he doesn't want to talk about it.  He gets in his car and leaves.  Mel is standing in the parking lot when Tasha and Tee-Tee come out.  Tee-Tee tells Mel to get in her car and go.  Mel gets in her car and cries.

Each week I've noticed that I'm seeing fewer and fewer tweets about The Game on my timeline.  This week, I saw 1 person tweeting about The Game.  1.  It used to be that when it came on, half my timeline was tweeting about The Game.  This cannot be a good sign…



Tamara Marbury
  • Eboni

    Yeah, I feel like the writing has really gone downhill. Tasha and Mel have had fights before, but this has gotten out of hand. They've basicaly created three separate story lines… the melanie and derwin show, the malik and tash show, and the jason and chardonnay show.  The characters barely interact. It's just not the show we all know and love anymore….and what happen to DJ? he just fell off the face of the earth, now? It's weird.

    February 20, 2012 at 3:55 pm
  • Eboni

    and nobody likes this Quan guy…

    February 20, 2012 at 3:55 pm